One woman’s story of coping with working from home, self-isolating, home schooling and doing the do

Daily nuggets of pod joy delivered to your ear holes, well, daily. The goal is to share my journey through this testing time.
But not just my story, I’m going to be calling my business buddies too, to check on how they are going.
And I’m going to be asking you to get involved too- if you fancy it? Why am I starting this show?
I want to force myself, and hopefully you, out of the negative spiral.
The constant checking and rechecking of social media stories.
The navel-gazing, the worrying and the fear. I want to remind me, and hopefully you, that you’re not alone.
I’ll be sharing my highs and woes.
Some business stuff and real-life stuff.
Highlights and poolights of what it’s like to run a business when your brain has turned to soup and you’ve run out of loo roll.
And I hope it will be inspiring, uplifting, occasionally intelligent, but mostly fun.
Some episodes might not be appropriate for small humans – but I’ll warn you if that’s the case.
I hope to stick to my daily schedule, but if I don’t, don’t give me judgy eyes, or ears.
There won’t be show notes, or bios, or useful links There will be laughs, and useful advice, and maybe the odd sniffle.


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