“Do sharks complain it’s Monday?  No, they’re up early, biting stuff, chasing stuff and being scary. Reminding everyone they’re a fucking shark.”
Source – Unknown.

Why is it that some people do all the things?

While you’re doing sweet FA?

How do other people find the oomph to challenge their fears and push themselves in business while you’re busy hiding under the bed covers.

Starting, failing, succeedin – we’re scared of all of it.

Networking, speaking, events, yep – they bring us out in a cold sweat.

And don’t get me started on ‘putting yourself out there’, scaling, managing money and dealing with people online who just randomly hate you.

We’re scared of EVERYTHING.

So, instead of fulfilling our business dreams, we procrastinate and watch as others reach their goals and leave us in their wake.

In BE MORE SHARK, Kate Toon shares her tried-and-tested, true-life, business fear-facing tactics.

She tells her stories, and those of successful business owners, about managing fear and keeping on keeping on.

She also has some seriously solid advice from psychologists and brainy humans around Australia on why we’re fearful, how it manifests and how to handle these challenging feelings and situations.

Be More Shark is the ultimate business self-help guide that will help you understand, wrestle with and master your worries. Teaching you how to use your terrors for growth and action.

How to look your fear in the face and smile back a toothy grin of bravery.

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