Sometimes the humans who’ve asked me to speak at their events, or beasts I’ve helped with their businesses share kind words.

They make me blush, but I’m eternally grateful.


“Kate recently appeared in my membership community as a guest expert and was a huge hit (as I knew she would be!) Based on her latest book, Six Figures in Six Hours, she gave us an absolute hour of power, jam-packed with productivity tips to help reduce overwhelm, create powerful boundaries, become more profitable, and stay focussed on the real reason WHY we started our small businesses in the first place – ie. how to avoid stress and burnout.

Kate has been one of my favourite entrepreneurs and personal brands for a LONG time and she did not disappoint. Her unique energy, enthusiasm and expertise made for a presentation that my members loved and have already started taking action on!

Thanks Kate,  you’re awesome!

Fi Mims

Personal Brand Photographer & Educator, Fi Mims Photography

“As an eCommerce marketing coach for women, I recently hosted a small, luxe business retreat for five female eCommerce founders in beautiful Palm Beach, NSW.

The intention for the whole experience was to deliver high-value coaching for their business, but also something that was truly personalised and extra special for the business owners themselves.

So when it came to finding the absolute best guest workshop presenter, Kate was my first choice.

I knew Kate would bring business and marketing acumen by the bucket load for my clients, but I also knew she would bring the warmth, the fun and all the feels! Women don’t want to be spoken to, they want to be engaged, seen and heard, and Kate did this with such ease and authenticity. She instantly put even the toughest of crowds at ease.

My guests were all blown away by what they learned from Kate about their brand and themselves in such a short time. Kate helped them break down some of the deepest mindset barriers they had been carrying with them and holding them back. They’re now unstoppable!

My guests haven’t stopped raving about Kate since the retreat and I can’t wait to do something special with her again.

Lisa Byrne

Business Owner,

“Kate is a rock-star. She’s so funny and enthusiastic, you’re audience will be entertained for sure. But more importantly, Kate knows her stuff. Her presentations are understandable and state-of-the-art. She will tell you difficult SEO stuff in a way that is understandable. And, she makes SEO actionable, you’ll get some practical tips that will help you to work on your own site immediately.”

Marieke Van De Rakt


“It was an absolute pleasure to have Kate speak to our 250 Blueprint Members at our recent conference in Sydney. Her style is well received, easy to comprehend, filled with awesome information and entertaining to listen to.

She was everything we hoped for in a speaker and would highly recommend her to other organisations. Thanks Kate!”

Dale Beaumont

Founder, Business Blueprint

Kate spoke at our event about social media best practices and our members loved her! She delivered simple and effective tips for our tradies to improve their social media and websites and was the perfect mix of education and entertainment.

Andy and Angela Smith

Founders, Lifestyle Tradie

“Kate Toon is a name synonymous with small business women in Australia. She’s accessible, smart, experienced and honest enough to speak the truth about what it really takes to build a business from the ground up. Recently, Kate presented a workshop for our Mums & Co community on “personal branding without spending a cent on ads”. The topic itself resonated for its easeful solution to what is a common challenge for our community of business owning women, and when combined with Kate’s warmth and sense of fun, was a terrific success. As one of our members shared afterwards “I learnt so much and I laughed!” Kate is a truly valued member of our Mums & Co Expert team, we’re delighted to share her with our community.”

Carrie Kwan

Co-founder, Mums & Co

“Kate Toon is a very charismatic speaker, SEO expert and a role model in the female entrepreneurial startup space. I have engaged Kate to give presentations to students and my Launchpad entrepreneurial community. She is always dynamic, engaging and down to earth – she understands what the role of a speaker is, to education and entertain. I am always impressed by what I learn when she speaks (even on a not-so-glam topic of SEO) and how she makes everyone feel after her talks – inspired, a little more enlightened and empowered. Cannot recommend Kate highly enough to have as a speaker, educator or just to have in your network.”

Chris Edwards

Entrepreneur, | Founder

“It’s not every day that you hear the words “Piglet Jumper” and SEO in the same sentence, but this is exactly why Kate Toon is the SEO Guru that she is. Kate makes the scary, techy topic of SEO much less scary with humorous examples that help people understand what SEO is. Kate’s knowledge of SEO and her relaxed presentation style ensures that people of any level can come away from one of her presentations with a good understanding of what SEO is and why it is important. Our network group members all took so much information away from Kate’s session, from those with no SEO knowledge at all to the other end of members who had a good understanding of the topic – there were takeaways for all that could be implemented into all our business websites.”

Julie Warner

President, Independent Business Network Inc.

“Kate is a regular speaker at our WordCamp conferences across Australia. Her captivating and “tell it as it is” style resonates with the audience in a fun yet practical way. Her skills and knowledge in the area of SEO and Copywriting are second-to-none making her one of the most influential and popular speakers at WordCamp’s. Down-to-earth and always bubbly, we so enjoy having Kate as a speaker and so will you.”

Wil Brown

WordPress Consultant and Developer, WordCamp Sydney and WP Australia

“Kate Toon is the go-to SEO and copy expert. She not only knows her stuff and walks the talk, but she has a knack at distilling complex techniques into actionable items when she delivers training. If you want to improve your SEO or copy knowledge or have a speaker who can leave your audience inspired with tangible takeaways, I’d highly recommend Kate Toon.”

Louisa Dahl

Founder, Interactive Minds

“Kate recently spoke to my mastermind members and she was voted the favourite speaker of the weekend. I chose Kate because she’s knowledgeable, funny and delivers content in a way that makes sense for her audience.

On the day we found Kate’s presentation to be practical, easy to apply and engaging, the feedback from the group was that Kate knows her stuff and presents it in a way that anyone could understand and apply.

Kate is an awesome speaker. Thanks for providing immense value”

Clint Salter

Founder, Studio Success Formula

“Kate has spoken at my digital marketing Conference, Click Engage Convert, for the past two years. Kate’s presentations are always value packed, entertaining and highly engaging. Kate is extremely versatile and can talk on a variety of digital marketing topics, making her the perfect speaker to invite back year after year, particularly given that Kate has ranked as a crowd favourite in our post event survey for the past two years.

Loren Bartley

Digital Marketing Strategist, Click Convert Engage

“Kate Toon spoke at the Online Marketing Sydney Conference on February 10th and did a fantastic job. Kate shared actionable content marketing tips and tactics. Kate is a great speaker who has an engaging personality. If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event I highly recommend Kate.”

Norquay Founder

Consulting Director, Prosperity Media

“Kate Toon’s keynote was amazing. Her specialised knowledge was uncompromising and so detailed, we were in awe.

Kate filled out heads with digital inspiration and aspiration. With her fast-pace rhetoric, she broke down how to perform in a digital sphere into bite sized chunks.  Our tradies, like most, are not the most social-media savvy — but they left her presentation feeling like experts, with a whole new outlook on how to manage their social media and SEO programmes. 

I follow her religiously and you should too!”

Angela Smith

Lifestyle Tradie

“Kate Toon speaks with wisdom that comes from years of experience. She makes SEO an engaging and approachable topic by tailoring her content to the audience she is addressing.

She brings humour and wit to her presentations, making her a magnetic and dynamic speaker, able to awaken and inspire everyone in the room.

At the 2017 Artful Business Conference she was our closing speaker and that was the best scheduling decision I made. She ended the event on a fabulous note, made us laugh so hard we cried and was honestly a highlight of the event.”

Elle Roberts

Artful Business Community

“Kate ran a combined SEO Review / Training session for our team and did an excellent job imparting huge amounts of information to cynical strategists who thought they knew it all – she upped the level of the content to ensure everyone stayed engaged and passed on some of her deep understanding and enthusiasm for the space to the team.”

Mike Zeederberg

Managing Director, Zuni

“Kate Toon is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that the entire room of business owners were fully engaged from start to finish. Kate was able to present the various stages of SEO and its positive value that it will bring to someone’s business when done correctly. The material truly educated the audience about SEO but in a way that all could understand and implement post event. I love that Kate is so knowledgeable about SEO, but I equally love that she is real, funny and makes people feel included throughout the entire presentation. I highly recommend Kate to any organisation, business etc that needs sound training around SEO and copy-writing.”

Angela Henderson

Business Consultant, Angela Henderson Consulting

“Kate was kind enough to speak at our monthly meeting and provided a fantastic talk which gave the members five things they could do the next day at their businesses to improve their digital presence. The level of interaction at the event and subsequent feedback from attendees has been excellent.

An informative, useful, practical, amusing and highly recommended speaker. Thanks Kate.”

John Whelan

Marrickville Business Association

“We used Kate Toon’s SEO training services recently and I was impressed by a number of things. Kate provided a thorough breakdown of what would be covered and why, which was invaluable in getting approval for the training. She spoke with us at length about our business and tailored the course to our needs. She was prompt and prepared on the day and we had extremely good feedback from the participants. Attendees said they had learnt so much and were excited to start improving our SEO right now! Kate has a lovely personality and presentation style that was greatly appreciated by all – so much so that the group next door had to ask them to laugh more quietly (and asked when they could do the training!) Kate’s knowledge of SEO and SEO copywriting is extraordinary and her ability to transfer this to others is a rare skill. In the time it’s taken you to read this, your team could have been getting you on page one of Google. Book Kate now.”

Emma Gibson

Digital Strategist, Fred Hollows

“Kate is an amazing facilitator and SEO extraordinaire! Her relaxed and knowledgeable training style makes learning fun, she can accommodate all personalities and ensures that participants completely understand the concepts before moving on. Kate’s a high energy professional that I would recommend to all businesses big and small.”

Valentine Borbone

Client Relationship Director, Zuni

“I would recommend Kate at a speaker for an event either about digital marketing or a broader inspirational topic. Kate’s talk with light-hearted and full of humour, yet addressed topics on how to manage your work life balance and live the dream of being your own boss. The engagement and feedback we had from the event was exceptional and she added value to our clients.”

Julie Dormand

Managing Director, MercerBell

“Thank you for making the effort to come in to come and present today. It was such a compelling talk with great takeaways. The feedback across the floor has been really positive, everyone saying how much they got out of the session.”

Eloise Edwards

Assistant Manager, Acquisition & Digital Capability, American Express

“While being a part of this group I’ve successfully managed a brand relaunch, new website build, and a six-figure sale (in three days).
I joined the DMC group for the SEO and stayed for the awesome humans, great mentoring, and next-level digital skills training.

It’s the best value online group that I’ve experienced and my learning highlights reel includes Instagram and Facebook insights, Canva software training, Klaviyo overview, product description writing, and Shopify SEO. Then there are the personal questions I can submit monthly to be answered in the Q&A.

I’m 100% certain the skills I’ve learnt in DMC have greatly contributed to my business successes over the past 18 months.

Belinda Austin

Austin Wines

“Kate Toon is one of the most generous experts that I know! She is constantly giving of her time and expertise both online and offline, most notably across her Facebook groups. She’s open and honest and genuinely cares about people improving their website rankings, whether it’s a major national brand or a small home-based business.

Reeva Cutting

“Even with a background in digital marketing, SEO had always felt out of my league and something that was best left in the hands of a conventional SEO agency.

Until I found the refreshingly creative and fun way that Kate Toon shares her knowledge. It is clear Kate has the technical expertise, but what she does so well is translate this into layman’s terms for non-SEO experts.

For me personally, she changed my life. By inspiring me to start my own business and offer SEO services alongside copywriting.

Cath Fowler

Cath Fowler Marketing

“Kate Toon changed my life. It seems like a pretty big statement but it’s true. I had followed Kate for some time on social media and eyed off her Recipe for SEO Success course, but it was a big investment at the time. And there was some self-doubt – would I ever get my head around the complexity of SEO?

Well, I needn’t have worried. All the testimonials were true. Kate was amazing and broke SEO down so it could be understood.

By learning SEO I was able to optimise my own website and that has led to countless people finding me on Google. I’m also able to offer SEO copy to clients as one of my primary services. Without Kate’s guidance, I wouldn’t have grown my business like I have.

But more than anything, I consider Kate a mentor. She’s my teacher and my cheerleader.

Cathy Camera

Building & Construction Copywriter

“I can’t thank Kate enough for the confidence, support and solid SEO understanding that she’s given to me through her courses, mentoring and various groups. Kate has been a role model who has helped me see that not only is there a place for females in the SEO world but a real need for intelligent women who are passionate about SEO, are generous with their knowledge and are willing to help grow female-encompassing SEO communities that are supportive, collaborative and foster continued knowledge and growth in the Search industry.

Kerri Bennett

Yellow Door Digital

“Prior to meeting Kate and taking part in her SEO course I was working in a general marketing role. I found a love for SEO via Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course. It was life changing for me.

Kate’s course made me realise SEO is the thing I love, and I decided to start my own SEO consulting business. I went out on my own with no clients, but Kate helped me by referring my first clients to me to get me started, and now I have a thriving SEO business. Being an SEO consultant has given me the flexibility to work in my dream job, while also being available to my family.

Crystal Wong

Skyblue Search

“Without Kate’s recipe for SEO Success and WordPress courses, I would either have a rubbish website or I would have paid too much for one that doesn’t work. My understanding of SEO has helped me to attract better clients who are happy to pay for my services. And because of the additional digital marketing and basic tech skills I’ve learned from Kate, I’m able to provide my clients with more than just words.

Angela Pickett

Angela Pickett Copywriter

“Working for myself, it’s easy to lose perspective. With this community, I get access to a whole bunch of other writers in the same boat: people I can tap for ideas, inspirations and letting off steam. A few weeks in, and I already feel joining was more than worth it.

Mathew Fenwick


“Joining TCCS community is by far the best money I have spent since starting my freelance copywriting business. This fabulous group is my daily place for advice, laughs, venting frustrations and sounding out ideas. Each and every interaction that I have had has been positive and I can’t put a price on how valuable this has been for me. Thank you Kate for making it possible and to all in TCCS community for your general awesomeness!

Johanna Kohler

Compelling Copy

“There are a lot of free online communities around so you may hesitate at the membership price tag but I promise if you join, you will never, ever look back. This community, run by the lovely Kate Toon, is one that refers work, shares genuine thoughts, opinions and is truly supportive. Whether you have 20 years experience or you’re a complete newbie you’ll learn a boat load from this awesome group. Super dooper value in every sense.

Andrew Lau


“Joining TCCS was the BEST business decision I have ever made. The wealth of information within this group is amazing and what will blow your mind, is the willingness of everyone to share their experience, lessons and advice.

But beyond the amazing support and fun water-cooler conversations we have with each other, is the practical resources that will revolutionise your business. From FREE templates, tips on business management through to member makeovers and Masterclasses, these tools will arm you for the most daunting of copywritng tasks.

Since joining TCCS 3 years ago, my earnings have tripled, I’m working smarter, and I’m working with the kind of clients I always dreamed of. Plus, I’ve made some great friendships.

If you’re looking for some added support, expert guidance or just somewhere to hang out in between jobs, join the TCCS. You won’t regret it.

Nerissa Bentley

Melbourne Health Writer

“I’m discovering as a solo business-owner, finding a safe supportive community to bounce ideas off, ask for help, vent safely and cheer each other on, is a blessing at the best of times. This year with the weirdness of COVID and lockdown and budget cuts and media titles collapsing – a community like TCCS is a life-saver. I’m honestly not sure how I would have attempted to navigate this year as a brand-new freelancer if I hadn’t found this great community. Everyone’s generosity continues to blow me away. Someone asked me recently, ‘but aren’t they your competitors?’ and I’d honestly forgotten that you could see it like that.

Catherine Hughes


“The Clever Copywriting School has been invaluable for not only my business, but for my wellbeing, too. It’s incredible to have a safe space where you can vent, and where other copywriters can give words of wisdom, or at the very least, understand. I love everyone in this group so much. It feels more like a warm hug with friends than a business group. It’s kept me sane during our awful Melbourne lockdown—and in every other crappy thing that’s happened over the past year (like the bushfires, too). The love and support I receive in this group makes me feel like I can keep going, and that I can take on the world—even when it feels like the world is falling down.

Zoe Simmons


“I joined (TCCS) after Covid forced many media publications to close or stop taking freelance commissions. This community has not only helped me start to pivot my sole trader business and diversify the types of clients I can work with, it has done so with a warmth and generosity that has been hugely appreciated.

Vivienne Pearson


“It isn’t just that Kate knows what she’s talking about (she does!). It’s that her insights and advice are delivered with such warmth, humour and get-it-done-ness that taking action feels almost easy. As a member of the Digital Marketing Collective and part of her small group mastermind, Kate has mentored, motivated and encouraged me through various stages of business growth. There is honestly no one I turn to more within the digital marketing industry.

Nell Casey

Fete Creative

“In a world of passionless grey suits, Kate is a breath of fresh air. She leads with authenticity, shows up with honesty, is kind and is genuinely interested in delivering the best value to me. She’s extremely knowledgeable and has a gift for teaching complex things in plain English. My business has a solid foundation and is growing thanks to her mentorship.”

Alex Hernandez

Australian Wedding Rings

“Strong, zany, generous, super smart. There are so many ways to describe the fabulous Kate Toon, Founder of the Digital Marketing Collective. Kate is direct when she needs to be. Regularly empathetic which makes her a truly kind human. And she’s fierce when it comes to causes that are important to her. Kate has never been a follower, she is a natural leader. And in an industry where it’s hard to stand out, it’s her genius, her humanity and her uniqueness that sets her apart.”

Krys Charalambous

Modella Clothing

“Kate is literally consistently awesome. Like always excellent.

No matter the group, audience or medium, Kate brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to bear in such fabulously grounded and funny way that you forget you are learning. And that is the key, you literally learn so much! She is an excellent educator, unbelievably knowledgeable but has a real knack for making what many people think is too complex ( ie SEO) something that can be easily digested.

It was a pleasure to have Kate present to my clients, students and wider community!”

Leanne O'Sullivan

Adventure Digital

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