Kate Toon is an award-winning misfit entrepreneur, who works with small businesses and big brands to transform their online presence: through powerful SEO, captivating content and all the right digital marketing moves.

As a digital marketing and SEO educator, straight-talking copywriting coach, author, educator, speaker and podcaster, Kate has helped more than 10,000 other businesses demystify digital marketing, grapple the Google Beast, and grow their success.

Kate was named Businesswoman of the Year at the national My Business Awards, and has spoken at events around the world, as well as running Australia’s only dedicated copywriting conference, CopyCon. 

Speaker topics

Here are some of the topics I cover:

  • Anti entrepreneurship
  • How not to fall for the 6 figure pipe dream
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for beginners
  • SEO tactics for small business
  • Specific SEO topics, such as ecommerce SEO, Local SEO, SEO migration, etc.
  • Basic copywriting skills and advanced copywriting tactics
  • Online and SEO copywriting
  • Blog creation and content generation
  • Social media marketing best practice
  • How to run a successful copywriting business
  • How to create an ecourse
  • How to create a personal brand
  • Crowdfunding
  • Self-publishing

Presentation examples

Speaker love

“Kate is a rock-star. She’s so funny and enthusiastic, you’ll audience will be entertained for sure. But more importantly, Kate knows her stuff. Her presentations are understandable and state-of-the-art. She will tell you difficult SEO stuff in a way that is understandable. And, she makes SEO actionable, you’ll get some practical tips that will help you to work on your own site immediately.”

Marieke Van De Rakt

CEO, Yoast.com

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Kate speak to our 250 Blueprint Members at our recent conference in Sydney. Her style is well received, easy to comprehend, filled with awesome information and entertaining to listen to.

She was everything we hoped for in a speaker and would highly recommend her to other organisations. Thanks Kate!”

Dale Beaumont

Founder, Business Blueprint

“It’s not every day that you hear the words “Piglet Jumper” and SEO in the same sentence, but this is exactly why Kate Toon is the SEO Guru that she is. Kate makes the scary, techy topic of SEO much less scary with humorous examples that help people understand what SEO is. Kate’s knowledge of SEO and her relaxed presentation style ensures that people of any level can come away from one of her presentations with a good understanding of what SEO is and why it is important. Our network group members all took so much information away from Kate’s session, from those with no SEO knowledge at all to the other end of members who had a good understanding of the topic – there were takeaways for all that could be implemented into all our business websites.”

Julie Warner

President, Independent Business Network Inc.

“Kate is a regular speaker at our WordCamp conferences across Australia. Her captivating and “tell it as it is” style resonates with the audience in a fun yet practical way. Her skills and knowledge in the area of SEO and Copywriting are second-to-none making her one of the most influential and popular speakers at WordCamp’s. Down-to-earth and always bubbly, we so enjoy having Kate as a speaker and so will you.”

Wil Brown

WordPress Consultant and Developer, WordCamp Sydney and WP Australia

“Kate Toon is the go-to SEO and copy expert. She not only knows her stuff and walks the talk, but she has a knack at distilling complex techniques into actionable items when she delivers training. If you want to improve your SEO or copy knowledge or have a speaker who can leave your audience inspired with tangible takeaways, I’d highly recommend Kate Toon.”

Louisa Dahl

Founder, Interactive Minds

“Kate recently spoke to my mastermind members and she was voted the favourite speaker of the weekend. I chose Kate because she’s knowledgable, funny and delivers content in a way that makes sense for her audience.

On the day we found Kate’s presentation to be practical, easy to apply and engaging, the feedback from the group was that Kate knows her stuff and presents it in a way that anyone could understand and apply.

Kate is an awesome speaker. Thanks for providing immense value”

Clint Salter

Founder, Studio Success Formula

“Kate has spoken at my digital marketing Conference, Click Engage Convert, for the past two years. Kate’s presentations are always value packed, entertaining and highly engaging. Kate is extremely versatile and can talk on a variety of digital marketing topics, making her the perfect speaker to invite back year after year, particularly given that Kate has ranked as a crowd favourite in our post event survey for the past two years.”

Loren Bartley

Digital Marketing Strategist, Click Convert Engage

Previous speaking experience

Here’s just a selection of the of the organisations for which I’ve delivered training and presentations, along with some of the recent events where I’ve been a speaker:

“Kate Toon spoke at the Online Marketing Sydney Conference on February 10th and did a fantastic job. Kate shared actionable content marketing tips and tactics. Kate is a great speaker who has an engaging personality. If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event I highly recommend Kate.”

James Norquay

Founder | Consulting Director, Prosperity Media

“Kate Toon’s keynote was amazing. Her specialised knowledge was uncompromising and so detailed, we were in awe.

Kate filled out heads with digital inspiration and aspiration. With her fast-pace rhetoric, she broke down how to perform in a digital sphere into bite sized chunks.  Our tradies, like most, are not the most social-media savvy — but they left her presentation feeling like experts, with a whole new outlook on how to manage their social media and SEO programmes. 

I follow her religiously and you should too!”

Angela Smith

Lifestyle Tradie

“Kate Toon speaks with wisdom that comes from years of experience. She makes SEO an engaging and approachable topic by tailoring her content to the audience she is addressing.

She brings humour and wit to her presentations, making her a magnetic and dynamic speaker, able to awaken and inspire everyone in the room.

At the 2017 Artful Business Conference she was our closing speaker and that was the best scheduling decision I made. She ended the event on a fabulous note, made us laugh so hard we cried and was honestly a highlight of the event.”

Elle Roberts

Artful Business Community

“Kate ran a combined SEO Review / Training session for our team and did an excellent job imparting huge amounts of information to cynical strategists who thought they knew it all – she upped the level of the content to ensure everyone stayed engaged and passed on some of her deep understanding and enthusiasm for the space to the team.”
Mike Zeederberg

Managing Director, Zuni

“Kate Toon is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that the entire room of business owners were fully engaged from start to finish. Kate was able to present the various stages of SEO and its positive value that it will bring to someones business when done correctly. The material truly educated the audience about SEO but in a way that all could understand and implement post event. I love that Kate is so knowledgeable about SEO, but I equally love that she is real, funny and makes people feel included throughout the entire presentation. I highly recommend Kate to any organisation, business etc that needs sound training around SEO and copy-writing.”

Angela Henderson

Business Consultant, Angela Henderson Consulting

“Kate was kind enough to speak at our monthly meeting and provided a fantastic talk which gave the members five things they could do the next day at their businesses to improve their digital presence. The level of interaction at the event and subsequent feedback from attendees has been excellent.

An informative, useful, practical, amusing and highly recommended speaker. Thanks Kate.”

John Whelan

Marrickville Business Association

“We used Kate Toon’s SEO training services recently and I was impressed by a number of things. Kate provided a thorough breakdown of what would be covered and why, which was invaluable in getting approval for the training. She spoke with us at length about our business and tailored the course to our needs. She was prompt and prepared on the day and we had extremely good feedback from the participants. Attendees said they had learnt so much and were excited to start improving our SEO right now! Kate has a lovely personality and presentation style that was greatly appreciated by all – so much so that the group next door had to ask them to laugh more quietly (and asked when they could do the training!) Kate’s knowledge of SEO and SEO copywriting is extraordinary and her ability to transfer this to others is a rare skill. In the time it’s taken you to read this, your team could have been getting you on page one of Google. Book Kate now.”
Emma Gibson

Digital Strategist, Fred Hollows

“Kate is an amazing facilitator and SEO extraordinaire! Her relaxed and knowledgeable training style makes learning fun, she can accommodate all personalities and ensures that participants completely understand the concepts before moving on. Kate’s a high energy professional that I would recommend to all businesses big and small.”
Valentine Borbone

Client Relationship Director, Zuni

“I would recommend Kate at a speaker for an event either about digital marketing or a broader inspirational topic. Kate’s talk with light-hearted and full of humour, yet addressed topics on how to manage your work life balance and live the dream of being your own boss. The engagement and feedback we had from the event was exceptional and she added value to our clients.”
Julie Dormand

Managing Director, MercerBell

“Thank you for making the effort to come in to come and present today. It was such a compelling talk with great takeaways. The feedback across the floor has been really positive, everyone saying how much they got out of the session.”

Eloise Edwards

Assistant Manager, Acquisition & Digital Capability, American Express

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