Welcome to the Six Figures in School Hours Podcast 

It’s all about helping you run a successful business and still be a good parent.

Because in my experience most business-owning parents don’t want to build a global empire or make a gazillion dollars a year.  I mean it would be nice but it’s not their top priority.

They just want to earn a decent income and have time to read their kids a bedtime story without having a meltdown in the process.

Yes, we know running a business can be rewarding. However, it can also seep into every life crack, eat up your energy and leave you exhausted, stressed and snapping at your small humans.

In Six Figures in School Hours, me, Kate Toon award-winning digital marketing coach and business mentor will be sharing practical and doable tips for parents to run a successful business, make serious money and not burn themselves to a frazzle in the process.

We’ll be chatting with real-life parents about their experiences of managing the juggle, as well as experts in parenting, finance, productivity, mindset, communication and more.

We’ll cover off topics such as:
What is a good parent?
Ways to involve your family in your business
Strategies to improve money management
And passive income ideas.

I’ll show you how to turn that six-figure profit dial up or down depending on the compromises you’re willing to make.

As well as that we’ll be sharing tools and tactics to manage your money, be more productive and focus on what matters, along with inspiring stories from other successful business parents who know exactly how it feels.

Six Figures in School Hours is a smart, honest business self-help podcast that gives you the skills, the tools and the confidence to never again need to choose between a successful business and a happy family life.

I hope you’re going to love it.

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