The Ultimate Copywriting Process Checklist

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The Ultimate Copywriting Process Checklist is a step-by-step guide to running your copywriting project. Packed with useful advice and tips, it will help streamline your process from first contact to the final testimonial and beyond.


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The question I most often get asked, after how much should I charge, is what is my copywriting process?

And while each project is slightly different, I think there are certain key steps you need to follow to ensure every project runs smoothly.

In the Ultimate Copywriting Process Checklist, I’ve outlined my tried and trusted copywriting process that I’ve used for the past 12 or so years, working with clients big and small.

I hope it helps you get your copywriting ducks in a row – and happily quacking.

The 8-page editable PDF includes:

  • The First Date: winning the client
  • Prep and process: onboarding clients
  • Getting started: project kick-off
  • Copy time: the writing process, drafts, and amends
  • Approval: wrapping up
  • Show off: making the most of the job to win you more jobs
  • Follow up: how to keep clients coming back

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