SEO-Friendly Product Description Copywriting Template

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With this SEO-Friendly Product Description Copywriting Template, we’ve made it easy to write product descriptions that customers (and Google) will love!


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Writing SEO-friendly product descriptions can be tough.

You need to ensure they’re unique – don’t want any duplicate content issues – and ensure they include lots of information about the product.

But when you have hundreds of products to write about, how do you keep things fresh?

As one of Australia’s most successful SEO Copywriters and consultants, I know how to write product descriptions that rank well and convert casual browsers into loving customers. I’ve helped big brands like Curash, Pedigree Chum and O’Brien Glass do this very thing.

And now I’m sharing my secrets in this easy to follow SEO-Friendly Product Description Copywriting Template.

This comprehensive Microsoft Word document includes:

  • Simple versioning and ownership tables
  • Copywriting guidelines
  • Magic words and phrases to make your descriptions super compelling
  • A step-by-step guide to writing SEO-friendly copy, title tags, metas, headers, image alts – it’s all there.
  • An annotated template
  • A sample product page copy
  • A blank template

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  • Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
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