Cornucopia Pack

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Make the ultimate investment in your business with the Cornucopia Pack. With every template ever produced, you’ll be set to write awesome copy and run a super productive business.


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If you’ve decided to go all in and commit to running a successful copywriting business, you can’t go past the Cornucopia Pack.

This is your copywriting pot of gold. The mother lode of resources for copywriter and business owners.

It includes every template ever produced.

That’s 47 templates, checklists and worksheets to help you write winning copy and ensure your business runs smoothly from the start.

Each template is like a mini-training course, jam-packed with step-by-step instructions, useful tips and example copy.

Personalise each template with your logo and brand colours and you’re ready to impress your clients from first enquiry to project wrap-up.


All templates have:
• Detailed instructions to guide you and your client
• Expert tips and written examples
• Copywriting guidelines


The pack includes every template ever produced for Clever Copywriting School.

  • About Page Copywriting Template
  • Annual Appraisal Template
  • Basic Tax Invoice Template
  • Blog Idea Checklist
  • Blog Post Copywriting Template
  • Brand Story Copywriting Template
  • Budget Spreadsheet
  • Capability Statement Copywriting Template
  • Case Study Copywriting Template
  • Chat Bot Copy Essentials Checklist
  • Content Audit Spreadsheet
  • Content Planning Template
  • Copy Deck Template
  • Copywriter Branding Worksheet
  • Copywriter Email Templates Pack
  • Copywriter Project Revisions Brief
  • Copywriter Rate Card Template
  • Copywriting Project Brief Template
  • Copywriting Project Specifications Template
  • Copywriting Proposal Template
  • Copywriting Referral Agreement Template*
  • Copywriting Retainer Agreement Template*
  • Email Sequence Copywriting Template
  • End of Project Sign Off Template
  • Goal Setting Template
  • Google My Business Checklist
  • Headline Worksheet
  • How to Create a Lead Magnet Checklist
  • Keyword Planner
  • LinkedIn Profile Copywriting Template
  • Local Landing Page Copywriting Template
  • Media Kit Copywriting Template
  • Press Release Copywriting Template
  • Project Terms and Conditions*
  • Respect Manifesto
  • Sales Page Copywriting Checklist
  • SEO-Friendly Podcast Template + Podcast End to End Process Checklist
  • SEO-Friendly Product Description Copywriting Template
  • Social Media Copywriting Template
  • Speedy Website Review Checklist
  • Subcontracting Agreement Template*
  • Target Audience Worksheet
  • The Ultimate Copywriting Process Checklist
  • Tone of Voice (TOV) Copywriting Template
  • Video Script Copywriting Template
  • Website Copy Project Planner and Tracker
  • Work In Progress Tracker

*Please note: These documents were created by a Contract Lawyer, however we do not claim to be legal experts and take no responsibility for the legality of these documents in your country.
We recommend discussing your documents with a lawyer if you have legal questions.

TOON TIP: Customise your templates using your logo, brand colours and fonts. We’ve included instructions in the templates. Then save them into relevant folders so you’re ready to go.

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  • Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
  • Your purchase is subject to our Terms and Conditions. Please read these before making your purchase.
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