Copywriter Rate Card Template

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With the simple Copywriter Rate Card Template, you can set a rate for each type of copywriting you offer. It’s a super professional way to communicate those rates to prospective clients.


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Deciding on your rates and setting up a rate card is an important step in your copywriting journey.

Just knowing how long each project will take can be tricky, so I’ve made it simple for you by including rough copy timings for proofing, editing, blogs, website pages, social media posts, website descriptions, and oodles more.

Whether or not you choose to make it public, it’s good to clearly understand your rate for each type of writing,  so the next time a client calls you can confidently give them a rough ballpark.

This Copywriter Rate Card Template includes a set format that covers:

  • Minimum project fees
  • Copy timings for
    • Proofing and editing
    • Blogs
    • Scripts
    • Website descriptions
    • Website pages
    • Emails
    • Social media
    • Case studies
    • Annual reports
    • Press releases
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Tag lines
  • Rush rates
  • Rate templates for
    • Website copy and blogging
    • Email copywriting
    • SEO keyword research
    • Sales and marketing materials
    • Proofreading and editing

While you’ll still have to decide exactly WHAT to charge, this document will help you create a straightforward, professional-looking, standardised template. That you can either decide to send to your client or use to help you quote with confidence on the phone.

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