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Learn how to write, pitch and market your business book. Learn which publishing method is for you, talk to a real life publisher, find out to get it on Audible and how much this whole thing is going to cost you (and what Business book ROI looks like).



Check out all the details of our fantastic BUSINESS BOOK BOOST

​I get it, you’ve seen everyone and their dog publish a business book, and you’re wondering whether you could too.

But you’re unsure about the costs, the time involved and the literally of how to get it from your mind, onto paper and into the shops.

Well, this group of training is for you.


We’ll tell you all the secrets the fancy pants entrepreneurs don’t want you to know including:

  • Whether it’s better to self-publish or go down the traditional route.
  • Exactly how much it costs to get a book published
  • How to write the perfect pitch
  • The timings and effort involved in writing your book
  • The tactics and tips you need to market your book
  • How to get your book on audible

And so much more!

Business Book Boost is free for members of the Digital Marketing Collective Membership, attendees of the Digital Marketing Collective Conference and Clever Copywriting School members. Why? Because I love rewarding my loyal customers.


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  1. Jodie Willmer (verified owner)

    Loved this month long immersive into all things business book related. Kate and the presenters shared nuggets of gold about writing tips, pitching, publishing, audio recordings, marketing and how to leverage your book. Really appreciated the candid openness about what worked and lessons learnt. My partner Rob and I are on draft Version 3 of our book for consultants on packaging service offerings and promoting to their ideal clients. I feel confident about the next steps for its launch in 2024. It was great to meet other business owners and learn about their superpowers! Thank you Kate for a superb, informative program. Well run, interesting and fun.

  2. Paridhi (verified owner)

    I stumbled across this just at the right time, and I’m so glad I did. I knew nothing about the book writing and publishing process and felt very in the dark, it felt like a big mystery and something that isn’t really discussed openly. I really appreciated the variety of speakers and Kate’s openness and transparency in sharing her own journey and the details (down to the finances!)….and in a very down-to-earth, realistic fashion (not overselling the dream or how easy it is). I feel like I have some much clearer expectations. Thanks so much Kate!

  3. Lizzie Williamson

    If you’re thinking of writing a business book or have a book ready to go, and you want to give yourself a massive headstart, do this course! It’s very rare to be able to get this sort of invaluable, insider information from experts, publishers and Kate Toon herself. Kate Toon’s honest, tangible insights and actionable steps to writing and getting a book out make this worth 10x what you pay for it.

  4. Phaedra Pym (verified owner)

    As an editor who works with self-publishing authors, I joined Business Book Boost primarily to learn about the publishing process and its pros and cons so that I could serve my clients more effectively. I now feel confident to be able to point them in the right direction depending on their personal needs and vision for their book. A bonus of joining was experiencing Kate’s generosity, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in sharing her book writing and publishing experience, warts and all, and getting a taste of the wonderful DMC tribe. Another bonus was being invited to do a livestream with Kate on all things editing! I highly recommend this course to anyone considering writing a business book and wanting to go into the experience with their eyes wide open.

  5. Leanne Faulkner (verified owner)

    This course was fabulous and covered all the questions I had about writing a book. In fact, it covered so much more than I thought I needed to know! All the speakers were engaging and informative, Kate’s input provided the perfect blend of discussion and insight too. In fact, who better to learn from but another small business owner who has written two (so far!) business books herself. I’d highly recommend the course for all aspiring business book authors.

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