Six Figures in School Hours Podcast

6 Figures in School Hours Podcast

6-Figures in School Hours is a smart, honest business self-help podcast and book that combines just the right amount of ‘I’ve been there’ comfort and ‘don’t go there’ advice. It gives parents the skills, the tools and the confidence to create a flourishing business, be present, and never feel like the worst parent in the world ever again.

In my role as a business mentor and digital marketing coach, I’ve helped more than 20,000 businesses master digital marketing through my range of courses, memberships, templates and events. My honesty and authenticity shine through all my marketing. And this has helped me build trust with my business-owning parent audience who look to me for guidance and answers as someone who’s been there and done that.

In 6-Figures in School Hours, I’ll explain how to relieve the stress of juggling family and business and remove the nagging feeling you’re doing a terrible job of both.

Clever Copy Chats Podcast

A podcast that gets back to the sticky, awkward, gloriousness of being a day to day copywriter.
The Clever Copy Chats Podcast shares the woes, the ups, the bitty fist annoyance of a client that won’t use track changes, the tips on how to write 5,000 words in 20 minutes because you forgot the deadline, and of course, the real bottom warming stories of great clients and amazing writing that keeps us doing the do each day.

So come with me on a journey through colons and interrobangs.
Through client Zooms and last-minute amends, we’ll have some laughs and learn a thing or two along the way.

Clever Copy Chats Podcast

Recipe for SEO Success Podcast

Tune in and expand your understanding of all things Search Engine Optimisation in a fun,
entertaining way, with advice from experts you can trust.

● On the Recipe for SEO podcast, I chat with guests in the know about all things SEO.

From link building and local search, to ecommerce and engagement, nothing is off limits
when it comes to grappling the Google beast.