Your personal branding workbook is on it’s way

I’ve just sent you my Personal Branding Workbook via the medium of a furry little email.
(Check your junk mail or promo mail just in case.)


If you want a little help learning about Personal branding and completing your workbook, I have a special offer for you.

You can grab my comprehensive 1.5 hour Personal Branding training for just $27 (Usual price $97).
Just use the code: BRANDMEBABY when you order via this page.

In this fun, informative presentation Kate Toon will take you through her process of personal brand building including:

  • Ways to assess if building personal brand is really for you.
  • How to decide your brand values
  • How to find your brand personality
  • Find your quirks and your niche
  • Why consistency and being contrary can help
  • The essential steps you need to get to start your personal brand journey

The 1.5 hour training
includes a complete
workbook of Kate’s
popular Personal Branding
Workbook, and some
commonly asked questions.