Meet ups suck, right? I hate them so much I wrote a post about it.

I’ve been to so many that have bored the pants offa me, that I gave up on them. And then I had an epiphany. Why not start one of my own?

And so the Misfit Meet up was born (with a little prodding from my pal Fraser).

Our mission

I wanted to create networking and education events for Coastie businesses with:

  • Zero fluff, zero pitch.
  • No death by powerpoint.
  • No soggy sausage rolls.

Just good chats and solid learnings on how to make your business betterer!
There won’t be a bowl to put your b usiness cards in, or gift bags with pink tissue paper.
There will be some awesome unpretentious humans just chatting about the challenges of running a business.

It’s an adventure. Who knows what will happen?

The venue

Link & Pin was a coupling mechanism used to join train carriages together. Today, LINK & PIN joins people together… through great coffee, food and vibes.

Link & Pin is a fully licensed café, open 7 days, that holds pop-ups, community events and private functions in a unique space conveniently located across from Woy Woy Train Station.

With a beautiful interior space, cosy lounges and large outdoor courtyard, it’s the perfect place to relax, connect with friends and family, or host your next meetup, function or event.

Also Nadeane, who runs it, is a total legend.


The people

The name Misfit Meet up is based on my popular business book the Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur. and the Facebook group that goes with it.

It’s the brain child of me, Kate Toon – and if you want to know more about me then head to my page, about me.
My fellow co hosts are…

Fraser Vickers

Hey there, I’m Fraser a coastie going on 12 years now.

Since moving out of my charter business on Sydney Harbour I’ve been poking and prodding around at several business ideas, looking to latch onto that model more suited to the life vision. Trialling (and erroring) various opportunities, including a food caravan, the arrows all began pointing at the online world.

Resisting at first, mostly because I didn’t have a single clue, or frankly any interest in it, the allure of a business in a box, run from mountaintop, poop-deck or camelback was too much, as it exactly aligned with the greater plan.

Bullet bitten and bull grabbed by the horns. It’s early days in this minefield, but so much learnt already. Looking forward to sharing energies and inspirations.

Nadeane Fogg

Enduring many years in the corporate world, Nadeane pursued her life-long dream of owning a cafe when she bought the Hidden Courtyard Cafe three years ago and transformed it into Link & Pin (Licensed) Cafe.  With little experience in hospitality, the learning curve has been more than she could have ever imagined, yet her vision, energy and love for people remains strong. 

The unique space and vibe she has created is evidence of her passion for making a difference to people through real connections, which is why she is committed to community collaborations… all part of bringing people together through great coffee, food & vibes


We have the following up coming events.

Getting found online in your local area

Date: Thursday 30 January 2020
Time: 6pm
Location: LINK & PIN, 18A Railway St, Woy Woy NSW 2256


Speaker: Kate Toon | More about Kate

Overview:Word of mouth is great, but did you know that 70% of all business transactions start with a Google search? And that the majority of searches for business include a local search term?
Getting found online in your local area can be challenging. You need a sexy, mobile-friendly website, a kick-arse Google My Business page and reviews up the wazoo!
In this 30 minute presentation, Kate will give you the lowdown on her top Local SEO tips, which means even the most technically clueless can get started today.

The 10 deadly website mistakes business owners make

Date: Thursday 5 March 2020
Time: 6pm
Location: LINK & PIN, 18A Railway St, Woy Woy NSW 2256

Speaker: Tony Cosentino | More about Tony

Overview:So many businesses have websites that make customers cringe. Slow to load, crap on mobiles, missing all the essential elements to turn casual browsers into raving fans.
In this presentation, Tony, one of Sydney’s most respected website developers, will explain how to build or update your website and ensure you avoid these crimes against the internet!  Great for newbies who feel terrified and about technology, and with tips for advanced techie types too.