Meet ups suck, right? I hate them so much I wrote a post about it.

I’ve been to so many that have bored the pants offa me, that I gave up on them. And then I had an epiphany. Why not start one of my own?

And so the Misfit Meet up was born!

Our mission

I wanted to create networking and education events for Coastie businesses with:

  • Zero fluff, zero pitch.
  • No death by powerpoint.
  • No soggy sausage rolls.

Just good chats and solid learnings on how to make your business betterer!
There won’t be a bowl to put your b usiness cards in, or gift bags with pink tissue paper.
There will be some awesome unpretentious humans just chatting about the challenges of running a business.

It’s an adventure. Who knows what will happen?

Venue: The Work Collective

The Central Coast’s premier co-working space for those who work for themselves but don’t want to work by themselves, or for those who want to work close to home, but not at home. 
A beautiful light-filled space with 40 hot desks, 3 private offices and 3 meeting rooms. Superfast internet, soundproofed phone booths, sparkling water on tap, free fresh fruit and snacks, second screens, sit/ stand desks, 24/7 access. Everything you need from an office but with the beach at the end of the street, and great down-to-earth people to work alongside.  

The people

The name Misfit Meet up is based on my popular business book the Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur. and the Facebook group that goes with it.

Kate Toon

It’s the brainchild of me, Kate Toon – and if you want to know more about me then head to my page, about me.

My fellow co-host is..

Grace Bowie

Co-owner of Work Collective. Mum to 3 under 5. I personally love Work Collective as it’s the counterbalance to the chaos of home. It’s calm. It’s quiet. The perfect place to focus. To work uninterrupted. To pee in peace. To finish my coffee/ tea while it’s still hot!

My own career has always been defined by supporting businesses to grow through building community. I’m so excited about Work Collective being a space that brings together like minded go-getters.


We have the following up coming events.


Date: Thursday 3rd June
Time: 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Work Collective.
3/322 West St, Umina Beach NSW 2257


  • 5.30: Arrival: Drinks and nibbles
  • 6.00 Presentation: 40 minute presentation with Q&A
  • 7.00 More drinks and nibbles

Speaker: Dawn Lewis

Dawn Lewis is a professional crafter, retailer, podcaster and TikToker who believes that the secret to her business success is harnessing the power of video. 

Dawn works out of her home studio on the beautiful NSW Central Coast, and when she’s not packing orders, teaching classes or designing subscription boxes, you’ll find her with her audio gear or video gear, connecting with her amazing customers.

Dawn is also a chicken whisperer!


Tik Tok. It’s the widely talked about short-form video sharing platform. And Instagram Reels is the Instagram alternative.

Most think it’s for bright young things, who can dance about and skateboard off high things.

While it’s mostly known for dance-trends and lip-syncing videos, and being as addictive as sugar-water to a manic hummingbird on a hot summer day.

It’s also hugely powerful for business.
If you know what you’re doing.
Dawn will share with us

  • What makes Tiktok unique from other video-sharing platforms
  • TikTok and security
  • How to get started making your first TikTok or Reel
  • Advice for getting your videos seen
  • How product and service-based businesses can appeal to their audiences and drive more sales.