Angela Pickett’s Journey: A Path to Profit

“If you’re after a cookie cutter mastermind, Kate’s Mastermind isn’t for you.
Kate’s blend of experience, generosity, tough love, and humour was exactly what I needed for my business.

Angela Pickett | Angela Pickett


Angela, a respected and outgoing copywriter felt frustrated that she wasn’t reaching her earning potential. Looking for change and direction, she joined the Kate’s Mastermind to attract more lucrative clients, refine her services and branding, and make more money.

Like many small business owners, Angela faced the daily struggles of juggling work, family and unexpected life challenges that got in the way. Battling imposter syndrome, she knew she had to do something different to scale her business and take it to the next level.

The Mastermind journey uncovered much more than Angela had hoped for, setting her on a new path with the support she needed to make it happen.


Angela was no stranger when it came to signing up for courses or working with professionals to help her grow.In some ways, it had stunted her growth. Taking on the challenge of the Mastermind with Kate’s expertise and guidance was exactly what she needed. A shift in mindset and a new take on confidence meant Angela was in it for the long game and, more importantly, she trusted the process and herself to deliver.

Her top three goals were to:

  1. Build a consistent flow of revenue and work.
  2. Target more lucrative clients
  3. Clarify services and branding.


Working closely with Kate, Angela refined her positioning, leveraging her diplomatic background and communication skills.

The one-on-one sessions with Kate boosted Angela’s confidence and kept her on track to deliver some great work and results. This led to big changes like rewriting her website and rebranding as an expert Sales Page copywriter.

The unexpected benefits of the weekly group catch-ups kept her accountable, gave her time to work on her business and provided constructive feedback. One of the significant outcomes of the mastermind was the relationships Angela built with her buddies, leading to ongoing collaborations on different projects.

Another focus for Angela was to be known as the go-to Sales Page Copywriter. While she was consistent with showing up and posting on socials, she realised she was also very much profile-raising for the sake of it.

With Kate’s support, Angela repositioned herself so she not only showed up but could share who she was, what she did, and handle the ‘icky’ sales conversations to connect with the clients she wanted to work with.


With Kate’s consistent positive reinforcement and pep talks, Angela’s money mindset shifted, and she set some big hairy audacious financial goals.

And it paid off, resulting in impressive outcomes:

  • Increased income by 25%
  • Quadrupled net profit
  • Tripled email database


Since completing the Mastermind, Angela no longer feels the need to invest in shiny new things or distractions like courses, coaching and memberships.

Angela is now focused on continuing to refine and build on her services and sell with confidence.

She is looking forward to more speaking opportunities and is busy preparing a Sales page Masterclass for the Digital Marketing Collective.


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