The Digital Spork’s Journey: A brand new start

“Looking back at those transformative six months, the progress and work I managed to do was extraordinary and it would never have happened without Kate’s mentorship, coaching and the incredible support she gave.

On top of all that, she is generous and just a lovely human to be around.”

Wendy Brown | The Digital Spork


Uncertain and overworked small business owner, Wendy joined my Digital Marketing Collective Mastermind, with the aim of becoming a Sales Page copywriter.

With my guidance, Wendy realised the power of her skills, shaping her into a one-stop solution for businesses wanting to simplify their digital marketing. And so the brand and concept of The Digital Spork was born (in one of our weekly Mastermind Hot Seat sessions).

Wendy grabbed the domain name and then dove into the hard work of rebranding. From building a website, shifting to a money mindset and productising her services, she pulled it all off in what was a rollercoaster ride but got the results she wanted.

Through coaching, Wendy came away with a step-by-step business plan that has kept her on track, building a business she’s proud of.


Before the Mastermind, Wendy was bringing in good money, but the long hours were taking a toll. Her wakeup call happened during an overseas holiday, where work took over, leaving little time to unwind and fully enjoy her beach getaway.

Something had to give.

Feeling exhausted and mentally drained, she knew she had to make a change, or she wouldn’t last. To resolve that, her objectives were to:

  • Define a clear brand direction
  • Launch a website for The Digital Spork
  • Design a lead magnet
  • Plan a social media strategy
  • Streamline processes and time management
  • Understand cash flow and pricing.


Our first chat was a deep dive into Wendy’s expectations for the Mastermind, focusing on:

  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Marketing
  • People
  • Profile

The weekly Mastermind buddy sessions were a chance to share ideas and look at challenges. Monthly co-working sessions helped with brainstorming and time to work on specific projects.Wendy received tailored coaching and honest, no-nonsense advice, which meant she got the feedback and guidance she needed.

During our six-month Mastermind journey, it wasn’t just about me telling Wendy what to do. I listened and shared experiences and advice. Together we worked to find her perfect work-life balance. Practical training and flexible plans were important and helped when life got in the way.


Within six weeks of rebranding to The Digital Spork, Wendy landed her first client and has been busy since. The Digital Spork website was launched and Wendy keeps active on social media, and continues to work on her brand.


Wendy is adding more skills to her belt with The SEO Recipe for Success course. As a member of The Digital Master Collective and The Clever Copywriting School, she keeps up with the latest trends and training. These memberships provide valuable networks and support from other small business owners working from home.

With a clear direction for The Digital Spork, Wendy is confidently growing her brand and excited for what’s ahead.


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