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Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur

While most small business owners network before breakfast and hustle 24/7, I took a different approach.

I built my business empire from my back garden shed while wearing pyjamas, watching Netflix and eating crisps.

I’m not your stereotypical entrepreneur. But I’ve created not one but three highly successful businesses without any master plan, rich investors, or input from smarmy sales gurus.

In my book Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur, I share how I went from business nobody to business success. Packed with tips, hints, stories and strategies, it’s a hilarious, honest and non-fluffy guide to being the kind of entrepreneur YOU want to be.

So if you’re sick of trying to do ALL THE THINGS, optimising the crap out of everything and wasting money on expensive six-figure-business schemes, this is the book for you.

Starting a business without a business plan


To be a successful entrepreneur you need to map out your journey, plan your steps, assess the risks, and have a backup, growth and exit plans.


Plan, schplan!

Here’s an analogy for you. (You’ll soon learn that I’m a big fan of analogies.)

Before heading out on a potentially rainy day you could spend a few hours putting on wellies and extra-thick socks. You could also take a raincoat, a hat, and one of those massive golf umbrellas.

Yes, you’ll be completely prepared. But by the time you’re finally ready to head out it’s too late to make it to the park, your enthusiasm has waned, and to top it off it doesn’t even rain.

Or you could just wing it. By all means, shove an anorak in your backpack. But then get out there and enjoy a potentially sunny day. And if you do get soaked… well, just enjoy jumping gleefully in puddles.

It sounds a tad glib, but I find everything usually works out in the end. And no amount of careful planning will guarantee success or avert disaster.

These days I try to judge everything I do based on three criteria:

  • Am I enjoying it?
  • Does it make me money?
  • Is there a market for it?

I don’t even need to check all three boxes. If I’m enjoying what I’m doing but it’s making me very little money, I might keep chugging away. And yes, I’ve occasionally done things I didn’t like because people wanted it and it was earning me big bucks.

But if I love something, I go for it. And that love shows through, and tends to make it a success.

People won't like you and that's okay


Always put your best foot forward, be your best self, and be positive. No one wants to hear about your problems unless you can show how you turned them into a fabulous financial success. Be a winner, be likeable, and smile, SMILE, SMILE!!


In business, just as in life, most of us quickly realise that not everyone is going to like us. Just as some kids didn’t want you on their football team at school, some clients might not want to work with you in business.

And after a while that fixed smile will become an insincere grimace.

Being myself has made running my business far less stressful and far more enjoyable. I am who I am, and my customers can take it or leave it.

I’ve learned to love my own voice and not give two hoots if others don’t. I have a much thicker skin, but don’t worry. I’m still squishy on the inside. Like an obese armadillo.

Understanding your super powers


Always put your best foot forward, be your best self, and be positive. No one wants to hear about your problems unless you can show how you turned them into a fabulous financial success. Be a winner, be likeable, and smile, SMILE, SMILE!!


While I agree with what ‘they’ say, their advice is almost impossible to follow.

Many business owners struggle with a negative mindset and a lack of confidence. And sometimes knowing everyone else feels the same way isn’t enough. We’ve got to turn that frown upside down and learn to see our inner awesomeness.

When the fog of business comparison starts to rise, try to remember your successes. Spend some time reading old client testimonials, and take stock of your achievements so far. I keep a folder of ‘nice things’ (comments, pictures, reviews etc.) on my desktop to trawl through when I’m feeling inadequate. It’s simple but effective.

Running a business can be a lonely old game. It’s important to be honest with yourself, and realise that 99% of people are probably feeling the same way you do.

In fact, there’s probably a businessperson out there right now looking at your success and gnashing their teeth with envy. Remember, there are people out there who will love your business (and your boobs, for that matter) regardless of its size or impressiveness.

So don’t let them pass you by while you’re busy comparing yourself to others. Instead, go forth and find your superpowers, people. You’ll be glad you did.

Dealing with copycats


Copying is the highest form of flattery. Ignore it, and move on.


Copying is lazy, selfish and downright mean. It’s not flattering. It’s exhausting.

Many of us judge ourselves harshly because things like getting copied and worrying about competitors get us down. We look at the well-known entrepreneurs and think, “I bet they never worry about such petty little things.”

Believe me, they do.

When you dig deep with other entrepreneurs (generally over a few glasses of wine), they’ll openly admit that they sweat the small stuff too. They’ve just learned to hide it behind a positive veneer.

They put on their best face, and never whinge or share stories about the dark days.

Which is yet another reason why I’m a crappy at being an entrepreneur. I prefer honesty. Things like copycats give us all the shits, and learning to deal with it has been a hard journey for me.

But now I can honestly say I’m over it. And you can be too.

Things just got a little emotional


As an entrepreneur, confidence and emotional resilience are key.


While part of me would love to be an emotionless automaton, I know that my slightly over-sensitive, jealous, angry, weepy self is utterly adorable.

Okay, I jest. A little. I would like to be less emotional. But I’m pretty much halfway through my life, and I think my emotions are part of who I am. Being emotionally sensitive, and feeling things so keenly has its pros and cons. But accepting who I am is much easier and nicerer than disliking myself every day.

A little about me

I’m an award-winning copywriter, SEO consultant, author, podcaster, speaker and hula hooper with over two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing.

I’m the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse.

In my past life as a copywriter, I worked with big brands such as Westpac, The RTA, Curash and Kmart. And I’ve helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their SEO.

I co-host the Hot Copy Podcast, host the Recipe for SEO Success Podcast and the Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast. I also recently founded The Clever Copywriting Conference (CopyCon) in Australia.

Speaking love

Kate recently spoke to my mastermind members and she was voted the favourite speaker of the weekend. I chose Kate because she’s knowledgeable, funny and delivers content in a way that makes sense for her audience.

Kate’s presentation was practical, easy to apply and engaging, the feedback from the group was that Kate knows her stuff and presents it in a way that anyone could understand and apply.

Kate is an awesome speaker. Thanks for providing immense value.

Clint Salter

Founder, Studio Success Formula

Kate Toon speaks with wisdom that comes from years of experience. She makes SEO an engaging and approachable topic by tailoring her content to the audience she is addressing. She brings humour and wit to her presentations, making her a magnetic and dynamic speaker, able to awaken and inspire everyone in the room.

Kate was our closing speaker and that was the best scheduling decision I made. She ended the event on a fabulous note, made us laugh so hard we cried and was honestly a highlight of the event.

Artful Business Community

Founder, Artful Business Community

It was an absolute pleasure to have Kate speak to our 250 Blueprint Members at our recent conference in Sydney. Her style is well received, easy to comprehend, filled with awesome information and entertaining to listen to.

She was everything we hoped for in a speaker and would highly recommend her to other organisations. Thanks Kate!

Dale Beaumont

Founder, Business Blueprint

Need an engaging, fun speaker for your next event?

If you’re looking for an approachable, experienced speaker for your next event, well here I am.

I’m a confident, engaging marketing speaker who creates an instant rapport with the audience and delivers content in a digestible, enjoyable and memorable way.

I’m one of Australia’s best-known copywriters, host of the Hot Copy Podcast, the Recipe for SEO Success Podcast and host webinars for SemRush. I also regularly run workshops on SEO and Writing for the Web and am a popular columnist for Flying Solo. Through all this experience I’ve built a reputation for my straight-talking, no-nonsense advice with a dash of humour.

Whether it’s a business event, in-house seminar, conference or workshop, I guarantee to provide your audience with relevant, practical and inspiring content that sparks ideas and starts conversations.

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