Growing big ideas: Deb’s Mastermind Journey

“As the only e-commerce business on the Mastermind, it was a great experience and I’m really glad I did it. Kate gave me the confidence to move ahead with all my ideas.”

Deborah Quinn | Gifts and Keepsakes


Deb, an ecommerce store owner was seeking support to boost revenue and overcome marketing challenges after years of operating in a silo.

With so many ideas, she felt overwhelmed and uncertain about the direction for her marketing and brand.

For Deb, the Mastermind was a powerful connection, offering both accountability and a shared journey. It provided a platform for bouncing ideas, receiving valuable advice, and dealing with challenges others could relate to.


As the only e-commerce store owner in the Mastermind, Deb set specific goals:

  • Cover fixed costs for 6 months of the year
  • Expand Gifts & Keepsakes product range
  • Improve management of her inventory
  • Merge product catalogue with Christmas Cart business


Kate’s connections, expertise and support played a pivotal part in opening doors for Deb, encouraging her to think about aspects of the business she hadn’t considered.

Although Deb was able to articulate her business values, the group sessions, and one-on-ones with Kate kept her accountable. She gained clarity, drilled down further, and came up with a strong positioning statement.

Overhauling Deb’s website architecture was a mammoth task, and guided by Kate’s experience she created a mega menu structure, strengthening her brand.

Kate’s generosity throughout the Mastermind opened more learning opportunities and collaborations. She also shared valuable recommendations for connecting with e-commerce coaches to support Deb’s ongoing growth beyond the Mastermind.

Deb found the informal Monday catchups with her Mastermind buddies beneficial and thrived on the business connection. They still meet weekly and share their wins and challenges.

Overall, Deb’s confidence grew through accountability, sharing and exposure to diverse perspectives.


Deb’s mindset shift and newfound confidence brought about remarkable results for her busy e-commerce business:

  • Combined catalogues of The Christmas Cart and G&K
  • Implemented the first iteration of the Loyalty Club
  • Established the Celebration Central Facebook group
  • Defined strategies to market both brands together
  • Created a new mega menu structure
  • Transitioned to Klaviyo
  • Established an email nurture sequence
  • Gained clarity to expand the G&K product range


With a busy workload, Deb continues her commitment to ongoing education in the ecommerce space. The Christmas Club membership launch is coming together for a peak season release date.
Implementation of the mega menu, Klaviyo flows and the successful FB group with over 700 members is a focus Deb enjoys – a fun space where creatives can share and inspire, while also supporting small businesses

The Mastermind experience for Deb proved to be very worthwhile, guiding her ideas and setting G&K on a path to success.

Deb and her business partner Kim continue to reap the rewards of the work they did in the Mastermind and are confident they are on the right path to achieve their revenue goals.


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