Finding the courage to make big decisions: Linda’s Mastermind journey

“I could listen to Kate for days, sharing how she overcame challenges and knowing when she started out, she had the same fears and reservations.
The Mastermind gave me the confidence to say no and opened spaces for my ideal client.”

Linda Thomas | Ashlinc Digital


Linda, an experienced freelance digital marketer had no problems keeping a full client workload and was happy with the money she had coming in.

So why exactly did she need the Digital Marketing Collective Mastermind?

Linda felt like something was missing.

Unsure if it was the type of work she wanted to keep on doing, Linda was looking for a business coach. She needed someone who understood, and had gone through similar experiences, to help her figure out what would work best for her.

That someone turned out to be Kate and the Mastermind.

The Mastermind experience positioned her better to focus on the work she loved and eventually have the courage to make some life changing decisions.


Linda was no stranger to hard work and had a solid grasp of business fundamentals. For her, the Mastermind provided invaluable support, guidance and direction.

She was looking at ways to break away from the day-to-day routine and prioritise herself. Linda wanted dedicated time and support to figure out her long-term goals and how she would get there.

Linda’s top three objectives were to:

  1. Improve and streamline business processes
  2. Attract and refine her client base to work exclusively with premium clients.
  3. Increase monthly earnings and boost profit


Linda’s Mastermind journey had a significant impact, thanks to the mix of one on one’s with Kate, engaging group workshops and goal setting sessions. This led to a positive shift, driving Linda in a new direction.

Like many small business owners, Linda tended to prioritise everything else before herself, and her business. The Mastermind process played a vital role in helping her reprioritise, keeping her accountable, and providing her with the opportunity to focus on Ashlinc Digital.

In group sessions Linda realised they all faced similar challenges. The shared experiences during networking were amazing, confirming that it was okay as a business owner, not to get everything right the first, second or even third time.

It was never too late to change your mind and do what suits you at the time. These were all valuable insights for Linda, triggering a massive mindset shift.

Kate’s support and belief in Linda were the nudge she needed to realise it was also ok to say no, giving her the confidence to find the clients and work she loved.


While Linda was already earning well, the most significant changes for her were not necessarily monetary. Her pursuit was happiness, and the Mastermind gave her the space for soul-searching to get there.

Her results included:

  • Rebranded Ashlinc Digital
  • Quadrupled her retainer clients
  • Increased revenue and on track to reach her extended goals.
  • Attracted the clients she loved to work with
  • Formed meaningful connections with other masterminders
  • Implemented better processes and systems


Since the Mastermind Linda has taken the time to unpack all she learned. Surprisingly, her initial goal of freelancing for 10 years changed, and the universe presented her with an opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

Throughout the Mastermind she figured out what success truly meant for her and is happy where she has landed – a Marketing Manager for a company that ticks all her boxes.

Linda firmly believes if she hadn’t done the Mastermind she would have said no and missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

For Linda, the Mastermind experience was life changing and set her on a path she never expected when she first joined.

Linda found the happiness and balance she had desperately been seeking.


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