Are you feeling a little lost with your business?
Are you endlessly searching for the ‘secret’ of success?
Would you love to know how to manage ‘all the things’?

The CLICK CLICK BOOM Challenge can help.

I know that we’re all sitting here hoping that one day our business will just go BOOM!
That we’ll find the special sauce and suddenly the customers (and the cash) will come flooding in.

But in my experience, it’s not one big thing that makes the difference.
It’s lots of small steps. Small actions that add to more than the sum of their parts.

That’s why I’ve created the Click Click Boom challenge
It’s a 2 week challenge designed to help you take a small step forward in all aspects of your business, from money to marketing and from people to profile.

What’s included:

A free VIP Group

A free VIP Group

Daily simple SEO challenges

Daily business and marketing challenges

Helpful videos and demos

Helpful videos and demos

The chance to ask your SEO questions

The chance to ask your business questions



Go into the draw to have a chat with Kate live in the group about your business and marketing challenges. Whether it’s money or mindset, imposter syndrome or Instagram, Kate can help.

There are four spots to be won

Who’s it for:

The Click Click Boom challenge is here to take all the overwhelm away. Whether you’re struggling with where to start or how to keep going, you’ll learn smart easy to implement tips you can use today.


Small business owners

Business Owners

Solopreneurs and freelancers


Ecommerce store owners

Marketing managers

Marketing managers

What we’ll cover over the two weeks:

Day 1

Deciding your goals

Day 1

Building better branding

Day 3

Creating your hub

Day 1

Mastering your money

Day 1

Moo moo marketing

Day 1

Perfect Processes

Day 1

Powerful people

Day 1

Pimp your profile

Meet Kate

I’m an experienced Digital Marketer having worked in both advertising and online for over 24 years. (Yep, I’m no spring chicken – or autumn duck for that matter.)

I started my digital career working agency side on big brands such as Marks & Spencer and O2 in the UK. When I landed Down Under, I got stuck into the who’s who of Australian business, smashing out campaigns for Qantas, Glad and Kmart.

Since leaving agency land to forge my own path, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners to help them improve their processes, increase their profitability, automate, create and get found by their ideal customers.

As a successful online marketer with multiple courses, memberships, directories, shops, podcasts, Facebook groups and even an annual conference, I’m also a published author of multiple genres, a rip-snorting MC and an international keynote speaker – wooing audiences at home, in Europe and New York.

And yep, I share all my business highs, lows and thigh-shudderingly awesome secrets in the Click Click Boom Challenge.


The perfect way to power through some serious business milestones.

Tried and tested

Kate Toon is an award-winning business mentor and digital marketing coach, as well as the author of popular business book ‘Six Figures in School Hours: How to run a successful business and still be a good parent.

She’s an honest, down-to-earth human on a mission to demystify the realities of running a successful online business. And while she’s serious about business, she doesn’t take things too seriously.

Kate is a renowned podcaster and speaker, invited to speak globally about her online business expertise. She was named Australia’s Most Influential Small Business Woman  Businesswoman of the Year and Training & Education Provider of the Year and is resident expert on Kochie’s Business Builders.

All this in her pyjamas working from a luxury shed in her backyard on the New South Wales Central Coast where she lives with her teenaged son. She’s accompanied by her very own CFO (Chief Furry OfficeDog) Pomplemousse and assisted remotely by a small team of talented humans.

Your FAQs answered:

How does the challenge work?

The Click Click Boom Challenge is a 2-week challenge to learn how to create your own version of success with smart business ideas and easy digital marketing.

Each challenge day, Kate will be going live in the private Facebook Group at 10am* (SYDNEY AUSTRALIA) to run the challenge and do a live chat with a member.

*Except Fridays which will be at 8am Sydney time


24th June: Facebook group opens for getting to know you week.


  • 2nd July: Day 1: Deciding your goals – 10am
  • 3rd July: Day 2: Building better branding – 10am
  • 4th July: Day 3: Creating your hub – 10am
  • 5th July: Day 4: Mastering your money – 8am


  • 9th July: Day 5: Moo Moo Marketing – 10am
  • 10th July: Day 6: Perfect processes – 10am
  • 11th July: Day 7: Powerful people – 10am
  • 12th July: Day 8: Pimp your profile – 8am

We’ll also be sending you daily emails during the challenge so you can follow along.

The group will be open from Monday 24th June until Friday 26th July.


How is the challenge delivered?

Once you’ve completed the form to join the challenge at the bottom of this page, you’ll receive an email with the Challenge Facebook group.
We’ll collect your name, email address and website address (and pop you in the draw).

During the challenge receive a daily email prompt. You can then click through to watch the videos and read the content for that day in the Facebook group.


Is there support during the course?

Kate will be live in the group for each day of the challenge and will provide support while she’s there. We cannot guarantee to answer all the questions, and we cannot answer individual questions via email.

How does the draw for the live chat work

Kate will pick four people to chat with one each day during the challenge.

The sites will be reviewed live in the group (at different times), the video will then be available to watch until the group closes.

Kate’s choice is final, you can let her know when you join if you’re keen or not keen. If you’re not available to chat she will contact another CCB member.

How long do I have access?

You’ll have access to the content in the Facebook group from 24th June 2024 until 26th July 2024.

Want to really feel confident about your business?