The DMC approach to inclusion and diversity

Last updated: June 2021

At The Digital Marketing Collective (DMC) we believe that diversity and inclusion aren’t optional.

Everyone is welcome.

We want DMC to be a beautiful, bubbling melting pot of people from all backgrounds, beliefs and life experiences. A place where every person feels they belong.

Everyone is respected, supported and appreciated for their uniqueness, diverse talents and being themselves – no matter who they are or where they come from.

First Peoples of Australia are particularly welcome at DMC.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work.

The Digital Marketing Collective

As DMCers (our special term for Digital Marketing Collective members) we love digital marketing.
But, our true passion is understanding that we’re all individual in how we work, the way we speak and how we do business.

We value every voice, every conversation and every contrast in our membership group and at our online events.

Being true to ourselves and contributing our different perspectives makes us all grow.

Our success comes from the sense of belonging we infuse. It comes through the delicious discussions sparked by a curious bunch of people. Coming together with a common goal – to create top notch online content.

The more diverse, the more interesting the chat, the more we learn.

But, Diversity means more than ticking boxes and filling quotas. For us Diversity means welcoming:

People from all over the world, different races, ancestry and religions.
People with different educational backgrounds, disabilities and abilities.
People with different sexual orientations and gender identities.
People who are many years apart in age, and even those who have different food preferences, from fresh veggie vegans to meat-mad maniacs.
And furry people too (as in pets, we love a furry muse).

Come join us on the virtual bean bags, we have biscuits!


The DMC community is full of extraordinary DMCers. Whether they’re marketers looking to build on their SEO knowledge, eCommerce owners trying to drive more customer loyalty, service providers, or those looking to build a brand empire!

The knowledge that comes from such a diverse group of humans makes the membership stronger.
The camaraderie oozes out at every level.
This is why the group has a positive reputation and an exceptional level of respect among the DMCers.

To keep this going, we ask you to do your best to follow these guiding principles in all our places:

  • Chatting on the Facebook group and other social media
  • Participating in our online training and other online spaces
  • Collaborating at face to face events and catch-ups

1. Be kind

  • Be polite and friendly in every form of communication.
  • Be mindful of tone of voice. (It’s so easy to misunderstand online chat).
  • Use GIFs, emojis or bitmoji to help your tone be understood. (If appropriate).
  • Consider video chat if social cues have gone astray.

2. Be inclusive

  • Diversity is about mindset and appreciating differences – be supportive to other people’s beliefs and experiences.
  • Explain any slang, in-house jokes or idioms that might not translate across cultures.
  • Avoid jargon, acronyms and non-inclusive language.

3. Be respectful

  • All individual contributions are valued. As well as asking for feedback, it’s also useful to give feedback.
  • If a post or comment doesn’t relate to you, appeal to you or interest you, handle it with respect or choose to scroll on.
  • Thank others for their advice and tips, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them.

4. Be generous

  • We create spaces where people feel comfortable to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.
  • Offer to help if you see someone struggling. Pay it forward or suggest someone else who could assist.
  • Imposter Syndrome happens to us all. Encourage others if you see them struggling.

5. Be open to belonging

  • Support each other to participate so they feel like they belong. This helps everyone to be more engaged and motivated.
  • You feel a stronger sense of belonging when you participate. Feeling you don’t belong can be tough so start small by connecting with one or two others.
  • When you feel trusted and respected, you’re more likely to speak freely and voice your opinions

6. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • It’s impossible to know everything about everything. Be open to hearing new opinions and thoughts even when it differs to your own.
  • Diversity can sometimes mean difficult topics are raised or discussed. Accept it may make you uncomfortable initially but could lead to new knowledge and ideas.
  • Remember you can choose whether you take part in a post-discussion or scroll on if it’s a topic you’re not comfortable with.

7. Be action orientated

  • Take responsibility for yourself.
  • Don’t message any individual without checking with them first that it’s OK to do so
  • If you see something that isn’t aligned with this commitment, check in with the person that may be impacted.
  • None of us are perfect. At one time or another, you may slip up and that’s OK. Owning your mistakes and finding a way forward is what counts.
  • If you’re approached by another member of the group as having made them feel unwelcome, listen with an open mind and avoid being defensive. Apologise and move on*.

*(Repeated incidents will be addressed separately by the Head DMC Wrangler – Kate Toon)

8. Be celebratory

  • DMC training and masterclasses, podcasts, resources and online events will have a balanced representation of speakers to present different views and experiences. This can lead to more creative and inclusive solutions.
  • The group will celebrate achievements that positively impact on the lives of DMCers.
  • The group will continue to inspire all members to try new things in their business, speak openly, and be bold.

9. No bullying or hate speech

  • Every member has the right to feel safe from being bullied and harassed. This includes unwanted and unwelcome words, actions, gestures, or behaviours that make someone feel uncomfortable.
  • This includes but is not limited to:
  • Racism or racial/ethnic slurs
  • Sexist or misogynist comments
  • Homophobic or transphobic comments or slurs
  • Negative comments about people with disabilities
  • Negative comments or discrimination based on age or family role
  • Discriminatory comments against members of religious groups
  • Deliberate mis-gendering.

10. No exclusivity

  • Be mindful of the language you use. Strive to use inclusive language at all times.
  • Always remember you were a newbie once. All questions are good questions. Allow people to freely say, “I don’t know”, “I don’t understand” or “Why?”.
  • We don’t all do things the same or write about the same topics or run our businesses using the same approaches or in the same style, and that’s OK.

Want a FREE copy of our Diversity Statement template?

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At The Digital Marketing Collective we aim to increase our impact by donating a percentage of our profits to support the following charities



One Girl is a world where all girls have access to quality education. A world where all girls, no matter where they are born or how much money they have, enjoy the same rights and opportunities as boys. A world where every girl has the chance to be the best she can be. When you educate a girl, everything changes.
Find out more


Soi Dog improves the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty.
Find out more


Rafiki Mwema work with children who have experienced trauma in early life. Their work is to remove the shame the children experience and return them to the experience of innocence. To reboot the safety and love they feel in relation to the outside world, so they can grow up to be balanced, loving adults, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse.
Find out more


Kiva’s mission is to expand financial access to help under-served communities thrive. They do this by crowdfunding loans and addressing barriers to financial access. Through their work, students pay for tuition, women start businesses, farmers invest in equipment and families afford needed emergency care.
Find out more


I love to support business owners entering the digital world or making their online presence shine more brightly.

I particularly want to make sure The Digital Marketing Collective Community is welcoming to people who may face barriers, disadvantage or discrimination.

As a small business owner, I see diversity as a strength. It’s about appreciating differences. I want to redress the balance and take action for the benefit of all members.

To do this, I give away one FREE annual DMC membership each year to someone from a minority group that faces discrimination or disadvantage.

What is the Gift Membership?

The Digital Marketing Collective community is a place where all DMCers come together to help each other be more successful in their business (whatever that looks like for them).

The membership gives you access to:

  • Private Facebook group full of friendly small business owners with helpful tips and ideas
  • Library of digital training resources
  • Expert masterclasses
  • Coaching and support
  • Group membership
  • Free templates
  • Discounted templates


Here’s how this works

Are you from a minority community that experiences discrimination or disadvantage?

Would you benefit from a DMC membership? Can it help kick-start or improve your digital marketing to support your business journey?

To have a chance at being selected:

  • Write 100 words or create a 1-minute video covering:
  • How being a DMC member will help you and your marketing goals.
  • What difference this will make to others around you (e.g. your family and/or your community).
  • Submit your entry below
  • We’ll select the chosen human and announce it on socials
  • We email you to welcome you aboard the good ship DMC.


  • Submitting your words or video means you agree to our Terms of gift membership
  • Psst: Yes, you have a chance. Give it a go.

Want a FREE copy of our Diversity Statement template?

Grab it here 

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Here are the Terms for our Gift Membership


  1. Applicants must identify as someone who is from a minority group experiencing discrimination or disadvantage. This includes anyone from the following groups: different races, ancestry and religions, different educational backgrounds, disabilities and abilities, different sexual orientations and gender identities or, different ages.
  2. Current or previous DMC members are not eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria

  1. The membership will be gifted based on the applicant submitting 100 words or 1 minute video addressing:
  • How being a DMC member will help you and your marketing goals.
  • What difference this will make to others around you (e.g. your family and/or your community).
    1. The decision on who is gifted the DMC membership is made by Kate Toon and is subjective and final.
    2. No purchase is necessary.
    3. The membership is valued at $970+GST. It is non-transferable.

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