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Learn how Angela Maroney can help you get your garden renovation designed and built – stress free, under budget! Your personal garden reno expert

As a Landscape Architect, I’m passionate about designing landscapes of an exceptional standard, and with the increasing popularity of home-reno reality shows, the possibility for projects going wrong is, quite frankly, alarming.

This led me to realise that, there wasn’t any help available to those of you wishing to embark on a DIY garden renovation or new build project. Especially, with a budget in mind and the desire to achieve your dream – drama free.

With this in mind, I created Your Landscape Journey, my aim is to provide expert guidance to those of you wishing to do-it-themselves, by offering the following methods:

  • one-on-one landscape consultations
  • on-line courses, and
  • coaching

These options can be tailored to suit the enthusiastic DIYer or owner/builder, wishing to design and manage their landscape renovation or new build .

Tap into my 30 years of experience, as your qualified personal expert:

  • Landscape Architect
  • Horticulturist
  • Structural Landscaper
  • Consulting Arborist
  • Mediation and Conciliation Practitioner
  • Workplace Trainer
I am a
Business Coach, Designer, Outdoor, Professional Services
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