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Caroline Malloy
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Hi, I’m Caroline, a Book Coach and Historian who helps writers of narrative nonfiction and memoir write amazing books!

I’m here to help you overcome all your writing challenges from planning to pitching. I believe in you and I have the system, tools and expertise to help you translate your knowledge and experiences into an incredible book.

Do you have a story that’s keeping you up at night? An experience you need to put on the page? Expertise that will make peoples’ lives better?

That’s where I come in.

I can help you write forward and keep writing confidently to your finish line. I bring decades of experience as an educator and coach to help you put the words on the page and embrace the creative, authoritative AUTHOR that you are!

If you have a great book idea, but don’t know where to begin, I have strategies to help you map out the foundation of your book. It’s time to start writing.

If you are drafting or revising, I’m here to help you stay strong from page one to the end with fine-tuned advice, expertise, and tips to write with confidence.

If you are ready to pitch, let’s work together on a great proposal and query letter. Readers need your story.

What writers are saying:

  • “Caroline’s ability to adapt to whatever I threw at her made me feel safer and more secure.” – Tiffany, Nonfiction
  • “This was the first time that I had shared my manuscript with anyone and Caroline was so good at assuaging my concerns and being positive and supportive about my efforts.” – Martin, Memoir
  • “A writer seeking guidance for their book will find Caroline a welcome and supportive partner in the creative process. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Leslie, Memoir
  • “Caroline has this maddening way of asking more questions than she answers… It turns out that it’s far more helpful, of course. She has exceeded every expectation I’ve had.” – Barb, Nonfiction

Are ready to get your amazing story out there into the world? Let’s chat. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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