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You’ll have heard of Chat GPT, Claude and Poe

You’ve tried it a couple of times and because it didn’t give you the results you wanted you’ve kicked it into touch

BIG mistake

I’ve been where you are—excited by AI’s potential but frustrated by the maze of implementation

What if I told you that the key to unlocking AI’s potential lies not just in the technology but in the narrative you build around it?

Prompt “engineering” and prompt editing are essential if you want to maximise your results.

For example – “But I can’t see what I can use AI for – it doesn’t sound like me when I write – can you give me a practical example?”

How about an AI-powered landing page audit?

An AI responsive chatbot?

A creative brief?

Or just some fresh taglines and ideas for social media posts?

Boom – expand on this and you have an instant strategy to improve every area of your reach …

And I’ve plenty more where this came from.

As you can see – there’s an art to “interrogation”

Precision-Crafted Narratives: Elevate your pitch decks, radio ads, and video scripts – whatever

Optimized Chat GPT Campaigns: No more guesswork, just results

Revolutionized Business Strategies: Integrate AI seamlessly into your business planning, lead acquisition, and USPs

I’m not for everyone

I’m for the business leaders who are ready to take action Are you one of them?

You’re not just buying AI expertise; you’re investing in a future where your business doesn’t just compete—it dominates

Let’s make your business not just relevant, but indispensable in an AI-driven world

What Clients Are Saying

“Gary did exceptional work He was very creative responsive and open to ideas Strongly recommended” – Cachatto Technology

“Gary was fantastic, couldn’t be happier with the work he provided We will use Gary again for future work He was very knowledgeable about the topics and had a fantastic eye for detail We can’t recommend Gary highly enough” – Chris Duffy

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