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Hi. I’m Laura the human behind Smudge Copywriting.

Smudge is of course a play on my last name, but I promise there is no smudging of words or copy going on. I have always loved words, reading and writing. In fact, my favourite subject in high school was English!

After more than two decades in the health care industry and a sizeable chunk of time in the university sector, both learning and then researching and teaching, I am following my interests and picked up the pen again (metaphorically speaking, as it is more typing these days).

I have combined my experience, skills and interests to provide copywriting services to the health and aged care, disability services, sustainability and e-commerce industries. Whilst I relish sinking my teeth into copywriting in these areas, I also love to write for other industries and businesses to keep my creative mind engaged. I also enjoy learning new things.

My copywriting and business support portfolio includes full websites, blog series, email nurture sequences, e-commerce product descriptions and more.

I am happy to help with any writing project that will help you connect with your customers in the most meaningful and authentic way.

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Copywriter/ Editor, Aged Care
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