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Hi. I’m Leanne Summers, a friendly, easy-going Australian sales and SEO copywriter living in Vietnam. I help female founders with purpose-driven businesses achieve their next stage of growth through biz boosting SEO-friendly copy that’s crafted to sell.


Like your favourite cocktail, I’ll mix a dash of your genius and brand voice then stir the desires of your dream people. Time to shake it with a big dollop of consumer buying psychology and search engine love, before pouring over ice and adding a fancy umbrella.

If you’re looking for

  •  SEO-friendly website words putting your business in front of your people, I can help


  • sales pages that make the moola without being used car-ish, I can help


  •  landing pages that engage your readers and motivate them to click the button, I can help


  • SEO-optimised blogs that showcase your expertise, build trust and authority in your brand, I can help


  • an email sequence that connects, nurtures and builds the trust in your offering, I can help. Abandoned carts? I do those, too.


  • irresistible product descriptions that result in “buy now” clicks, I can help


You’re a woman with a vision of making the world a better place. Congratulations. We’re kindred spirits. Imagine what we could achieve together?


Contact me today.


 +84 702 734 291 ||

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