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Australia’s leading aged care navigation service, we support you to understand and navigate Australia’s aged care system with confidence, allowing you to get the services your older loved one needs to remain in their own home.

We believe no older person should be disadvantaged by their postcode.

We also realise that families are scattered across the country and the adult children of older people have competing demands that present challenges to supporting their ageing parents.

We have clients all over Australia and our clients have family in different States.

We don’t operate from a bricks and mortar ‘head office’, we complete our consultations via video conferencing.

We bring everyone together on a Zoom call to complete our assessment.

We obtain any relevant information, from GPs or specialists and we complete a detailed report.

This report serves as the foundation for referral to My Aged Care, the gateway to Commonwealth subsidised services and support.

Because our report is so detailed, it provides compelling justification for the approvals we’re seeking for our clients and our clients get the approvals they need in a timely manner.

In essence, we act as the human compass you need to get the outcomes your older loved one is entitled to.

Founder Coral Wilkinson is the author of the book My Parents Are Ageing, What The Heck Do I Do? Understanding Australia’s aged care system to support older loved ones at home.

If you’re wondering how the aged care system works and how to support your older loved ones remain in their own home, contact us and we’ll get you on the right path.


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