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Hey, I’m Nick, The I.T / Communications guy.

I’ve been in the Information Technology sector for 17 years and have also been involved in the Telecommunications world as well for 4 of those. I’m a self-described diagnostician, with a keep-it-simple approach to everything I do. I have a Bachelor of I.T, Grad cert in business management and I am a registered Comms cabler with NBN accreditation.  What does that mean?
I can fix your PC, remove the malware and upgrade it. But I can also rewire your house and set your network up for optimum speeds and explain why the NBN is a bit rough.

I started Nick Digital a little over a year ago with the aim to help people understand their tech and make it work for them. As a Telstra tech, I went into hundreds of businesses and the amount that didn’t have control over or understand their environment was scary. I take the time to understand the issue and to also explain to them how we will fix it. I have also gotten involved with some of Kate’s classes and also provide website support and builds since going out on my own. If I don’t know it, I can learn it.

“A jack of all trades, master of none. Is often better than a master of one”

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