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Looking for more clarity, clients and profile?
*A clear vision of where your marketing is going, now and in the future.
*Attract clients, deliver on revenue targets and grow your business.
*Stay top of mind with your audience. Become the go-to in your industry.

There’s two key factors that determine what kind of business owner you are: impact and visibility. Which one are you?
*Static Stooge
*Captain Random
*Secret Squirrel
*Marketing Pioneer

If you’re ready to stop being “Captain Random” and become a “marketing pioneer” …

Join me on The Marketing Expedition, where we discover your audience, messaging, roadmap and guide the way, clear the prickles and keep you on track.

Hi, I’m Amy – a Melbourne based Marketing Strategist with over 25 years of experience, creating roadmaps for small businesses who need to know where they’re going. Let me know where you are in your business and we’ll work out the best way forward.

I am a
Marketing agency, SEO Consultant, Social media marketer
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