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I’m a marketing geek and strategic thinker who loves to help you tell the world about your business, attract the right audience and turn them into customers, repeat customers and raving fans.

I’m not a huge fan of the shoulds, the musts, the next big things. I’m also super sceptical of the cookie-cutter approaches and the cut-and-paste systems that some marketers would have you believe are the keys to your success.

Instead, I help small and medium-sized business owners make sense of their marketing and build a strategic marketing machine with the tools and tactics that are right for their unique business and their specific target audience.

I offer four main ways to work with me:

  • Strategy Development – I develop the strategy that drives your marketing, focuses your resources and gets you results.
  • Marketing Mentoring – once your strategy is in place, we work together over a 12 week or 12 month period to implement the strategy, measure the results and keep it firing.
  • Marketing Foundations – I create websites, optimise social media platforms and ensure you have the foundations in place, so that your marketing activities convert.
  • Training and Workshops – to improve your knowledge of marketing, social media and content creation.

Interested in learning more? Please visit my website at or get in touch to schedule a call.

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Business Coach, Marketing agency, Social media marketer
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