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Korryn Haines
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Helping you structure your business admin and conquer your tech fears

Let’s keep it real. You’re not like me – you’re not a techie tinkerer who giggles with excitement when thrown a curly tech or admin issue. If you were, you wouldn’t be here, right? But you want to learn how to tackle your biz admin and deal with the techy bits, and you want to keep doing this yourself. The great news is you can!

Let’s get you loving this business admin and tech stuff

Once you’ve learnt how to structure, streamline and self-manage your business admin and tech, I promise you one thing. You’ll never look back! Not only will you find you’re doing things in half the time, but you’ll love that your business seems to flow. And you’ll discover that tech isn’t as scary as you thought – trust me – tech is as cuddly as a teddy bear once you’ve embraced it.

Hi, I’m Korryn, your Brisbane based Admin Consultant

I’m the kind of oddball business human who loves admin and tech.

I may be a rare breed. But there’s nothing I love more than helping fellow business owners to banish their tech and business admin overwhelm. I get that you want to handle this yourself, but you want to know all the best practices to make sure you’re getting it right.

That’s what I do as your ‘tech mechanic’. I help jumpstart your tech implementation through one to one attention that’s warm, generous, packed with knowledge, and a dash of humour too.

If you feel you’re business isn’t running right, I help you to troubleshoot the issues. Then I show you how to escape the overwhelm of using technology to streamline your business admin. I promise you that once you know how it all works, you’ll be able to easily self-manage your admin.

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