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When it comes to showing up on LinkedIn to grow your business, would you rather step barefoot on a snail? I call it FOSU: fear of showing up.

You may be thinking: 

  • No one will listen to me
  • I’m afraid of looking silly 
  • I don’t know what topics to cover 
  • It’s impossible to stand out in a crowded marketplace 


Do you suspect your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, but struggle to get their attention? 

You need a LinkedIn strategy. A strategy that magnetically attracts people to you, so you never have to send spammy DMs pitching yourself. Instead, you get DMs from people saying, ‘I have been following you for a while, and I’d love to buy your program.’

If this resonates with you, I can help you:

  • build your personal brand and become a trusted voice in your niche
  • show up consistently for your target audience 
  • create content that truly resonates with your audience’s goals, problems, fears 
  • build a system that makes it easy for you to repeatedly create content that your audience loves

Let’s turn your followers into fans and your fans into buyers with LinkedIn. 

I promise, when you start making money from LinkedIn, you’ll love it. 

Ways to work with me:

  • subscribe to my free email newsletter and get a weekly, simple, actionable tip to boost your profile on LinkedIn;
  • book a power hour with me to work on your LinkedIn plan, $397+gst;
  • book my four-week 1:1 LinkedIn coaching program to kickstart your newfound love of LinkedIn with a doable strategy for more leads and sales.
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