I recently engaged Kate to rewrite the copy on my website and increase my SEO through better keyword selection. Kate had come highly recommended by my website designer. Although Kate was slightly more expensive than another SEO analyst I decided employ her services as she had the copywriting background from a law firm and also a high level of professionalism from the word go. She was quick to get back to me, thorough in her questioning of what I wanted to do and what “voice” I wanted to give my website. This was something that others had not asked and I knew that I would end up with exactly what I wanted with Kate doing the work. She sent numerous copies through for editing and then final drafting. I particularly liked her research into my website ranking and other options to improve my website ranking, this was an added bonus that I was not expecting. Since our 1st project together I have hired Kate to do some more copywriting for me. I would highly recommend Kate, her professionalism is next level and her work is excellent.