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Josie is an Australian web designer who loves creating awesome websites and finding out about the amazing things her clients do. She is based in Canberra and juggles her business along with her 3 children.

For her, web design isn’t just about running her own business. It’s about using her creativity and experience to create something that makes her clients proud and shows what they are all about in the (less than) 3 seconds people like to spend on a website to make a full judgement of the business.

While building new websites is a large part of what Josie does, she also provides ongoing support to clients as well as helping out when there are issues like WordPress updates gone wrong or receiving a random phone call from someone how is feeling lost because their website was built with no security measures and now it’s been hacked (although this feels like a time to panic, you can get help with that – then get proper security in place!).

Josie also helps businesses with SEO, WordPress training, content updates and general advice. Beware, she also loves a chat and can get quite side-tracked, craving adult conversation if she’s had too much time at home with her lovely, co-operative, non-argumentative children.

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