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I’m Jodie, your friendly neighbourhood pet enthusiast, SEO aficionado and writer with over 8 years of experience mastering SEO best practices. I’ve spent years working with businesses to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of online visibility and achieve paw-some results!

I now focus my efforts on helping pet businesses build their brand through SEO-optimised content that I create via thorough keyword research that helps build a content plan. I’ve spent years working to understand SEO best practices and how search engines read websites, mainly blog content, to decide what they will show users. Combining this experience with my knowledge as a loving and a little-obsessed pet parent, I can dive into keyword research to find what customers are searching for. Then, I use this to develop a content strategy or plan that will involve creating engaging, informative and SEO-optimised content that will attract new customers whilst also nurturing current ones.

Together, we can build a brand that will shine above the rest in the ever-growing and always-competitive pet industry.

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