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Mailchimp Certified Maverick, email, membership, course, landing page nerd and WordPress web developer. I’m a one-stop shop for your digital bits. I partner with copywriters, deep dark web people (that’s Lucy Jane Davies) and others so you don’t have to go looking. I’m fascinated by why people do things and have certification from CXL in human psychology and digital interaction.

I have a background as a CEO so I love talking strategy and planning and looking at everything all together for my clients. I’m good at sorting out a mess, be it 6 websites into one or 7 email clients into one, or why is my sequence not working. I’m skilled in Final Cut Pro X so I can manage the editing of your course and membership videos too. I’ve been in business for 10 years and cut my marketing teeth on my own business first.

I also have a health consulting business in Applied Clinical Governance

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Developer, Marketing agency, Psychologist, Aged Care, Professional Services, Wellbeing, Sales and Marketing
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