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Are you ready to deeply commit to yourself? To live an Authentic life in action and awareness? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What the heck is Human Design?

Human Design teaches that we have a body consciousness as well as mental consciousness. There are unique ways for each person to become aware of their body consciousness and harnessing that makes life easier. Each of us has different ways that we process life experience and a Human Design chart shows how this works uniquely for each of you. It is a map for you to begin to explore how the consciousness of your body and mind operate.

Huh? How can it help me?

Much of the course of our lives is determined by the decisions we make. We usually end up making a lot of compromises along the way until we end up feeling like we are living someone else’s life, and not what’s true inside us. As a result we end up frustrated, angry, bitter and/or disappointed on a regular basis.

Human Design is a system that provides guidance and strategies about how to make decisions that DO lead to an Authentic life. Not a perfect life – an Authentic one. One where you know deep inside that no matter which choice you make and no matter the outcome, that was the correct thing for you to experience.

With Human Design you begin to See and Experience your life in a whole new way you’ve probably never thought possible. 

Why Choose Me as your Analyst and Guide?

I have spent countless hours diving deep into the intricacies of this fascinating system, learning directly from the founder, Ra Uru Hu, and his first generation students. I am certified by the original International Human Design School. And, more importantly, I have spent 20 years experimenting with this system’s core knowledge – my strategy and inner authority for making life decisions.

So you won’t find any cookie-cutter nonsense here!

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