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Whether you’re new to cold drip coffee or have been drinking it for years, do you ever wonder how we extract such mouth-watering flavours from a coffee bean?

We brew our coffee over 10 hours at 2 degrees. At this temperature, the bitter and acidic compounds in the coffee bean are not extracted. We then carefully filter and bottle the coffee to keep it as fresh as possible.

The result is a delicious black coffee that you don’t need to add milk or sugar to make it easier to drink.

It’s a strong coffee but rich and smooth and not at all bitter.

With cold drip coffee you get a slow and cold process compared to the short and hot process of an espresso. The same coffee bean will result in a completely different flavour when brewed hot or cold.

With our cold drip think a mouth-watering combination of dark chocolate, caramel and almonds.

I tend to drink it black straight out of the fridge in the mornings (as I’m usually in a rush!) but later in the day it might be a coffee lime and soda or my current after lunch sweet treat of a mocha coffee.

Any questions about cold drip coffee, don’t hesitate to contact me, I can talk a lot about coffee :).

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