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Kara Lambert
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I’m Kara Lambert, and I’m an insightful, honest small business consultant helping service-based businesses gain a clear understanding of the people who grow their business using psychology.

I offer online courses and one on one coaching to small business owners.

I can also come and speak to your group or facilitate a workshop on what drives business success.

From years of management, consulting & study I’ve discovered one underlying business truth:
We are trying to get someone to do something we need so that we can succeed.
To get results… you need action
To get action… you need to understand what drives the PERSON taking the action.
Regardless of if that’s online or on the shop floor, our behaviour is based in our psychology – what drives us to do what we do.
I’m here to help business owners use psychology to build better client relationships, grow their business, and have it as their business edge. It’s my training in business and psychology which makes me different. 
I use my signature model to discover, define, & uncover what drives you, your business, staff, & clients, and embed them in your business, processes, policies, & marketing; so that you can drive more of the action you need to succeed.
I have a habit of connecting dots others don’t see, especially when it comes to psychology and motivation.
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