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I’m Angela (she/her) from Angela Denly Writing and Communications. I help businesses share their expertise with writing that values research, facts and clarity.

The people I work with are industry experts with a solid base of knowledge that informs their work. They are exceptional at what they do, but are frequently humble, so need help to share their message in a way that feels genuine and authoritative but not bragging.

I allow time to find research to support my clients and their approach, as well as asking a lot of questions to help them share what they know. As experts, they can sometimes forget that what’s obvious to them is foreign to their audience, so I help them to share and clearly explain what they know.

I’m enthusiastic about showing my clients in their best light and helping them to overcome their aversion to being in the spotlight. I say a big ‘eff you’ to tall poppy syndrome and want to help people who provide substance over style. My writing is intended to prioritise information over persuasion and help guide people to informed choices they can feel good about.

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