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Are you struggling
with all things
digital marketing in
your business?
Do you find it hard to
work out how to
drive more sales?

Are you tired of
dodgy digital
marketing advice?

I can help

In my Business Mentoring and Digital Marketing Coaching Membership – The DMC, you’ll get amazing support for your business journey, with regular coaching calls, Q&A sessions, expert interviews and training.


Digital marketing is not as easy as it looks

So you’ve started your Digital Marketing and well, you’re feeling a little bit lost.


All that advice.
All those courses. And books. And podcasts.
All those white toothed, glossy haired marketing types promising you the magic juju solution to all your marketing woes.
Pfft. It’s all so exhausting!
But there is a better way.

Rather than selling a kidney to buy another big bucks course promising the world, why not invest in ongoing support, community and education, at a price you can afford?

Welcome to The Digital Marketing Collective.

What makes the perfect membership?

How many times have you signed up to some fancy course
for big bucks and realised it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?

Or ventured into an online group only to be completely overwhelmed, or worse yet, ignored?

Or been sucked in by the promise of access to the head honcho,
only to find a team of minions running the show?

Getting the balance right is so important and I think we’ve cracked the
perfect formula with The Digital Marketing Collective.

The Digital Marketing Collective success roadmap

While I don’t believe there’s a magic, golden guinea pig lined route to
Digital Marketing domination, or a one-size-fits-all solution,
I do believe there’s a process to setting yourself up for success.
Our Success Roadmap looks like this:


Learn how to set realistic personal, financial, brand and productivity goals for your business.


Discover what makes your brand tick, write your USP, decide your brand values, choose a photography and design style.


Create a technically sound, user-friendly, problem-solving, legally compliant website, back it up with a solid lead magnet and email funnel.


Map out time-saving processes for your business, create templates and learn how to use tools to automate.


Use SEO, Social media, content marketing and online advertising to build your brand’s Expertise, Authority and Trust.


Overcome money mindset issues, develop budgets and forecasts, understand Profit First, and start to build your buffer.


Discover how to outsource successfully, employ humans in your business and be a better boss.


Step out from behind your brand, develop your pitch, become a subject matter expert on podcasts, in media and on stage.

All the support you need for
your digital marketing success.

Is the Digital Marketing Collective for you?

The Digital Marketing Collective members are a varied bunch – from cleaning companies to allied health professionals.
Online and shopfront store owners. Start-ups and long-established businesses.

They may come from different backgrounds,  be at different stages and have slightly different goals.
But they all have four core things in common. They want to:

Build a profitable business.

Work smarter, not harder.

Find support and answers for their business questions.

Keep up to speed with the latest trends and information.

Choose your avatar


Our amazing members include:

What you get

Monthly Expert Masterclasses

Each month, I’ll drag an expert (kicking and screaming) into the group to share their BIG brain goodness with the DMC crew.

With practical training and tangible, doable actions, you’ll learn how to do-the-do from those who do-the-do for a living.

Monthly ‘Ask Me Anything’ Sessions

Of course, you’re going to have specific questions about your business, your marketing and how you reach the mythical next level and I’m here to help. In these group coaching sessions, you’ll chat with me (and other DMC experts) and get the answers you need.

Toon In DA House

Each week Kate Toon will be live in the Facebook group for members to bring up their core business issues, mindset problems, process dilemmas, money messes, or webpage woes and get feedback directly from Kate herself.


Toon Trainings

Let me teach you how I ‘do-the-do’. These in-depth sessions show you the inner workings of my business; how I run my Facebook groups, manage my money, run my team, write books, launch courses and SO much more.

Directory Listing

Feature your business in our popular online directory. Give your business’s visibility a boost and win leads directly from our high-ranking website.

VIP Facebook Group

Ask your digital marketing questions, troubleshoot and get feedback on your ideas in a highly supportive, responsive and interactive Facebook Group.

You’ll have contact with peers and industry experts to help you stay on top of the latest hacks, tips and tricks in the digital marketing and business world.

Video Library

A huge, chubby library of all the previously recorded training sessions, that you can chew through in your own time.

Resource and Templates Library

A deliciously full library packed with a great selection of free templates that will save you from having to reinvent the well-turned wheel.

Juicy Discounts

Get a juicy 20% discount on all future Recipe courses* products and events and a smashing 20% discount on all Kate Toon courses, resources and coaching.

Job Board

Help out a fellow member or wider community member and earn yourself some dollars in the process. Juicy jobs and rollicking referrals are at the touch of your fingertips. Get yourself known as the go-to person and see where the work takes you.

Events and meet-ups

What’s better than catching up with other members online? Meeting up with them face-to-face! Sometimes informal meet-ups, sometimes in conjunction with a talk or presentation, these are organised by the members nearest and dearest in each state.

* Does not include the Recipe for SEO Success course.

Meet me,

I’m an experienced Digital Marketer having worked in both advertising and online for over 23 years.
(Yep, I’m no spring chicken – or Autumn duck for that matter.)

I started my digital career working agency side on big brands such as Marks & Spencer and O2 in the UK. When I landed Down Under, I got stuck into the who’s who of Australian business, smashing out campaigns for Qantas, Glad and Kmart.

Since leaving agency land to forge my own path, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners to help them improve their processes, increase their profitability, automate, create and get found by their ideal customers.

As a successful online marketer with multiple courses, memberships, directories, shops, podcasts, Facebook groups and even an annual conference, I’m also a published author of multiple genres, a rip-snorting MC and an international keynote speaker – wooing audiences at home, in Europe and New York.

And yep, I share all my business highs, lows and thigh-shudderingly awesome secrets in The Digital Marketing Collective.

As featured in

As feature in


Awards November 2022

This is the Ultimate Digital Marketing Membership with everything you need to help you grow your audience, drive more traffic and convert more customers.

Meet our experts


Video Marketing

Diana Todd

Tax & Accounting Specialist

Elise Doyle

Elise Doyle

Website Design and Development Expert

Elisha de Jonge

Elisha de Jonge

Small Business Marketing & Facebook Ads Expert

Erin Huckle

PR & Awards


Virtual HR Manager


Katharine Crane

Instagram Expert


Shopify SEO


Leanne Shelton

AI Expert


Online Business Manager and Systemisation Expert


Visual Communication Expert


Trade Mark Law Expert


Podcasting Expert

Megan Verheijden

Megan Verheijden

Google Ads & Ecommerce Expert

Nell Casey


Ecommerce Copywriting Expert

Ray Pastoors

Google Analytics Expert


WordPress Specialist

Shan Morrison

Content Marketing Expert

Simone Pavils

Pinterest Expert

My digital marketing
success story

Success Story

I guess you could call me an overnight success.

That is, if you don’t count the 3,175 nights before last night when I kinda wasn’t.

I started out just like you.

New business. Fresh from a corporate job. No idea what the feck I was doing.

I remember asking a friend, ‘What’s a blog?’ and them looking at me with kind, moist-eyed pity.

But regardless, I got stuck in.

And with a 5-month-old attached to my boob, I built a successful copywriting business.

After a few years (and child thankfully detached from boob), I was earning 6 figures, had a fat flow of eager clients and was ranking like a rank beast across Google for everything to do with copywriting.

But I wanted more.

With only 20 or so hours to work a week, I wanted the sweet PayPal ping, singing me to sleep each night…

So I started the Clever Copywriting School, with one template.

And now it’s a thriving community of copywriters who get to benefit from our business directory, template shop, copywriting membership, e-courses, a podcast and an annual conference.

But I still wanted more (greedy cow).

So I started The Recipe for SEO Success, with a one-day workshop.

And now I’ve taught over 9000 small business owners how to grapple the hugely scary Google beast with several courses, great podcast, free templates and a whole dang slippery funnel of joy.

I’ve written books, I get flown to events to speak, my inbox is stuffed with offers to chat about my chosen topics, and my bank account is juicier than an obese peach.

And of course, it didn’t happen overnight.

But it DID happen.

And I did it on my own. No coach, no mentor, no courses, not even any business books (I’m more of a thriller kinda girl).

And I failed. Hideously. More than once.

I got in debt and I got out of it.

I had sweet highs and soul-destroying woes.

I struggled with mindset, imposter syndrome, processes, hiring staff, pricing, automation and so much more.

I made mistakes. 

That workshop that nobody booked.

That launch that flopped.

The endless faux pas, and missteps.

I messed up a lot.

And now you can learn from my messes.

In the Digital Marketing Collective I want to give you the support you need (and I that I so often craved).

I want to show you that you can be a successful business human.

Even if you don’t have a business plan.

Or glossy hair and sparkling teeth.

You can be captain of your own ship, make the money you want to make, create a life-style that works for you AND do it all in your undies (if undies are your thing).

So, come and join our fabulously smart motley crew of bright, keen, friendly digital marketers and business owners, who are just like you.

I think you’ll love it.

Brands that love the
Digital Marketing Collective

You’ll have seen them in my free groups and come across them on the interwebs. Here are some of the Digital Marketing Collective members that are doing great things in the world of digital.

A worldwide experience

The Digital Marketing Collective is packed with successful humans all over the globe, ready to offer insight and knowledge specific to their market. (More importantly – it means learning sessions are scheduled to work for lots of different time zones – and recorded so you can watch them when it suits you.)

Real testimonials

Okay this is the bit where I share oodles of testimonials from members. Here’s just a small selection, there are so many I had to build an entire page to fit them on.

Nick Gale – Nicks Digital

Kate Crocker – Kate Crocker Copywriter

Kate Merryweather –

Marina Garbuio – Motivating Marketing

Angela Pickett – Angela Pickett Copywriter

Alex Hernandez – Australian Wedding Rings

Erin Huckle – Chuckle Communications

Jodie Minto –

Nell Casey – Fete Creative

Anastasia Geneave – No Grey Suits

Elisha de Jonge – Social Domination

Laura Jawad –

Join my membership to learn how I build my empire without a team, a big ad budget or glossy hair.

Feel the love

Kind words from happy Digital Marketing Collective members:

I felt lost and without direction. Now, I no longer undervalue my services and I feel brio in my approach to business again. 

Under Kate’s mentorship with the Digital Marketing Collective, I have incredible clarity for the businesses I need to digitally transform and market.
Juggling being a CoFounder of a SAAS software startup while a freelancer of my own business looking after digital transformation and marketing for my clients, my questions and needs are wide and varied.
From navigating Google, Asana and other major software platforms to boosting your social media strategy, refining business systems, learning about the world of publishing or SEO or simply managing clients, there is no issue too silly, random or unsolvable. My pitching skills have improved immeasurably as well thanks to Friday Lives – vital in this world of software – and with such a driven business-minded community, I feel more confident, inspired and less alone.

My personal and business lives are all the more richer thanks to Kate Toon and DMC. Recently graduated from the 6 month plan to the annual, I am thriving in such a strong and capable environment.  The world is less daunting to me and I have learnt so much grace and kindness from you. I look forward weekly to upskilling, growing and blooming as a business owner, female Software CoFounder and aspiring novelist within such an agile and nurturing community led by such a kind, gloriously authentic and smart mentor.

Joey Curtis

Lady Lex Productions

A group of talented and like-minded business owners 

After doing Kate’s big course for The Recipe for SEO Success (highly recommended the course), I have gazillions of questions to ask and I can not thank enough to Kate who created this group of so many talented like-minded people who are there to support each other, suggest you with smart answers and just be there for you whenever needed.

The best thing I like about this group is it’s not just about SEO and Kate. It’s a lot more than that, of more different experts in every field you think of you would need to run your business smoothly.

Neha Uppal

Mimi & Coco

This group isn’t about how to create a vision board or pretty Instagram posts – it’s for real businesses with real goals, taking constant steps forward to achieve them. DMC is packed full of juicy content and serious value.

As a small business owner doing most things for myself, being a member of DMC has made a HUGE difference. The first word that comes to mind is MEATY – the resources available and the questions they answer are the real meaty things.

The Facebook group is by far my favourite business group online – I love the sense of community and being able to discuss serious business issues with a group of people who are amazing at what they do but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Keneena Fanning

Kablooie Store

The Digital Marketing Collective group is an invaluable source when it comes to business.

Yet again Kate delivers the goods. Tools, tips, and support are delivered daily and I have already seen a return on investment since joining.

Mitchell Beattie


While being a part of this group I’ve successfully managed a brand relaunch, new website build, and a six-figure sale (in three days).

I joined the DMC group for the SEO and stayed for the awesome humans, great mentoring, and next-level digital skills training.

It’s the best value online group that I’ve experienced and my learning highlights reel includes Instagram and Facebook insights, Canva software training, Klaviyo overview, product description writing, and Shopify SEO. Then there are the personal questions I can submit monthly to be answered in the Q&A.

I’m 100% certain the skills I’ve learnt in DMC have greatly contributed to my business successes over the past 18 months.

Belinda Austin

Austin's Wines

As someone with zero background in marketing, I feel like I can actually do the things and get traction with them.

I feel like DMCs is just the best thing ever! So much goodness. Thanks, Kate Toon. *almost put in an exclamation mark but stopped myself.

Norelle Hentschel

Your Remedy

This group pushes me to hit new levels of learning and revenue growth.

The Digital Marketing Collective members are my virtual team of absolute legends. These guys and Kate are always there for expert advice, support, and back-up. THE best membership group, hands down.

Amy Annetts

Amy Annetts Marketing

It is such good value to have access to Kate and other digital experts to answer questions.

I am so glad that I have joined the Digital Marketing Collective. I am truly loving being in this group.

Krystala Charalambous


From SEO to Facebook ads to business growth to outsourcing to social media to web development and design – there is SO MUCH available it’s mind-boggling.

Digital marketing changes so fast it’s hard to keep up with it all (let along implement it)- this is where Digital Marketing Collective is the perfect group. Not only is there oodles of information and support provided by Kate daily, the experts and community in the group gladly share their knowledge and help you to not just set goals, but actually achieve them.

Shannon Morrisson

Mighty Social Word

Joining the Digital Marketing Collective group has been game changing for my business.

Not only does it help me be more accountable for my site and help it realise its potential, but it the lessons and information are delivered in an easy to understand way.

Donna Webeck

Prestige Property Copy

I really don’t know where I would have found the answers to my very specific questions if it wasn’t for this group, Kate and the other experts.

This group materialized at exactly the right time for me. My company’s website just came live and I’m currently working on improving digital marketing. Only when I started to implement the learnings of the big course, I realized I had a million questions to ask. The team are so helpful and prompt it almost feels like my personal helpline! Highly recommended!

Crystal Wong

Sky Blue Search

I’ve been really surprised at the amount of content and support provided in the Digital Marketing Collective group from Kate and the other lovely members who are all helping each other out.

It’s given me the push to make positive changes to my site and keep me accountable. I am really pleased to be part of this new community.

Alexandra Moates

Switch Fox

I can ask any question and trust I’ll be able to get the right answer or be pointed to the right direction.

As someone who runs a business on his own, becoming part of the Digital Marketing Collective group has been very valuable for me as I have access to experts in all fields of the business.

Igor Gavranovic

Questa Property Services

The Digital Marketing Collective feels like coming home!

Thank you for your advice on my Hot Seat recently. I finally got some clarity around my membership. The focus, the pricing and what to do with existing members.  I’d been thinking about this for a while now and finally got clarity – your hot seat session really helped. Very happy to be part of the Tooniverse!

Katrina Fox

founder of Vegan Business Media

Being a member of the Digital Marketing Collective group has been ground breaking for my small business.

The level of expertise in this community means I’m confident to ask for help when I need it, and gain professional opinion when it’s feedback I’m after. My skill level has skyrocketed by completing Master Classes and Toon Training sessions, and has given me the confidence to make solid changes to my business that will see me flourish in the long term. My website sales are up approximately 200% and I’m making more profit per item than ever before.

Without this group I would not be in business. The sense of community, the support both professionally and personally has enabled me to stay in business during the pandemic and stay sane at the same time! Winning!

Natalie Craig

Shamrock Shirts

It’s a great community to be a part of even though I don’t participate much. I really enjoy being able to catch up on recordings of webinars etc. in my own time which really helps me.

I need all the help I can with digital marketing, and DMC is so rich with information, help and a great Facebook community.
Thanks again.

Darren Utteridge

DU Designs

Your investment

membership opens 23 July 2024

Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
All payment options require a 12-month minimum commitment.

And of course, there’s more!

It wouldn’t be a great sales page if it didn’t have some bonus content to sweeten the deal
(it’s one of the things you’ll learn in DMC).

These extras are just a small sample of the digital goodness you’ll find when
you join Digital Marketing Collective:

Free Directory Listing

Feature your business in our
popular online directory.

Give your business a visibility boost, get a high value back link from our website and win leads directly from your listing.

Whether you’re a store or a service-based business, your directory listing is sure to get you noticed (Annual members only).

Speedy Website Review Checklist

Speedy Website Review Checklist

One of the first steps in mastering digital marketing is to make sure your website is up to scratch. After reviewing over a thousand websites through my courses and memberships, there’s some clear and common fails and no-no’s that need fixing if you’re going to get traction.This checklist takes you through the 10 essentials that every website needs to be user-friendly for your customers and clients.

How to create a lead
generation checklist

Get even more eyeballs to your site by creating a downloadable resource that will keep your top of funnel leads happy and grow your email list simultaneously. Build your expertise, authority and trust by giving your customers a useful checklist to solve one of their pain points. And get honest and intelligent feedback from the Digital Marketing Collective before sending it out the greater world.

Email sequence template

Email sequence template

You’ve tidied up your website. You’ve created your lead generation checklist. Your mailing list is growing so now it’s time to stay front and centre in the minds of your new leads with this series of emails. Using a proven conversion strategy, customise these 7 templates that will take your customers from ‘Welcome’ to desperate to know more about your primary offer.

Sales Page Checklist

Your product is ready to sell, so it’s time to turn those clicks into cash. Make sure your sales page has all the elements you need to turn casual browsers into ‘show me the money’ buyers with this checklist. Not only does it cover copy, it covers design, best practice and SEO too.

You also get

Speaker Fee Calculator

Speaker Fee Calculator

Financial Forecasting Calculator

Financial Forecasting Calculator

Lick That Frog Tracker

Lick That Frog Tracker

Personal Branding Workbook

Personal Branding Training

Podcast End to End Process Template

SEO-Friendly Podcast Checklist

I'm Dead, What next Workbook

I'm dead. What next? Workbook

Goals Brainstorm

Goal Setting Spreadsheet

Goal Setting Template

Goal Setting Template

Quote Creator

Quote Creator

3 free courses!

Personal branding training

Personal Branding Training
Personal Branding Training

at $97

Personal branding through content creation can be the key to winning sales without spending the big bucks. In this fun, informative 1.5 hour training Kate Toon will take you through her process of personal brand building.

Robot AI training

Robot AI Training
Personal Branding Training

at $97

We know that artificial intelligence is coming and while it’s exciting, it’s also a little terrifying and overwhelming. Robot Love puts your mind at rest when it comes to AI and gives you the confidence to use all the fabulous AI tools in your business.

Business book boost

Business Book Boost
Personal Branding Training

at $197

Learn how to write, pitch and market your business book. Learn which publishing method is for you, talk to a real life publisher, find out to get it on Audible and how much this whole thing is going to cost you (and what Business book ROI looks like).

Some of our amazing Guest Speakers include

Catherina Ngo

How To Be Inclusive In Content Marketing

Jonathon Stark

Why Charging By The Hour is Madness

Claire Gamble

Grow Your Brand With PR and Media Relations

Lyndal Harris

10 Common Mistakes Podcasters Make

Russell Pearson

Get Up And Get It: Moving From Business Recovery To Profitable Growth

Dawn Lewis

TikTok For Business (The Reel Alternative)

Jo Saunders

10 Effective LinkedIn Tricks To Energise Your Presence and Earn Influence

Brynley King

How To Dramatically Increase Your Ecomm Sales

Shan Morrison


Rye Smith


Cherie Clonan


Loren Bartley


Cath Fowler


Belinda Austin


Nick Roose


Tim Capper




Melinda Samson


Tess McManus


Olga Summerhayes


Tom Casano


Nikola Minkov


Jennifer Gale


Si Quan Ong


Salena Knight


Mez Homayunfard


Kerri Bennett


Dido Grigorov


Dan Ray


David Pagotto


Jasmine Andrews


Paula Glynn


Fabrice Canel


Celeste Robertson


Facebook feedback

Anuradha Sawhney
Belinda Morgan Testimonial

Your questions answered

I get it, joining any community is a bit of a commitment, so here are a few of the common questions people ask about the Digital Marketing Collective:

Is this a course or something else?

The Digital Marketing Collective is not a course, it’s an experience! The membership gives you access to our learning hub where you get support, access to a community of like-minded humans and education on topics that matter to you and your business.

Do you have monthly themes?

Yes, each month is themed around critical aspects of running a business in a digital world. You’ll have time to implement the fundamentals, dive deeper into areas you know need more work and keep up-to-date on all the new and exciting developments without getting lost in a myriad of topics.

Who is the membership open to?
Anyone! If you want to learn, we want to teach.
What times are the calls and what if I can’t access them?

Calls will run at various times, and you’ll receive plenty of warning. Replays of the calls are added to the membership site so you can watch them at any time on any device.

When does the membership start and finish?

Your membership starts as soon as you sign up and ends when your membership expires.

I hate Facebook can I still join?

The Digital Marketing Collective is run (in part) using Facebook groups – so if you hate Facebook this probably isn’t the membership for you.

Will payments automatically renew?

Yes, your monthly and annual membership options will automatically renew at the beginning of each new billing cycle. There is a 12-month commitment for all membership options.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

If you would like to know the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase, especially regarding your rights and responsibilities, you are welcome to review those here.

Is the group just for Australians?

Nope, we’re a worldwide collective of Digital beasts, with members in the US, Europe and around the world. We do our best to schedule the call times to suit various world clocks.

Feel the love

Kind words from the happy Digital Marketing Collective members:

This is the most holistic, legit, and outright useful business ‘coaching’ I have done, and all for a meagre monthly subscription

I signed up for Kate’s Digital Marketing Collective mastermind group at the beginning of the year (4 months ago), and it has already completely transformed my business, heck, it has transformed me.

If you are on the fence about signing up – DO IT! It’s worth its membership fee over and over again.

Kate herself is completely unreserved in helping and dishes out golden nuggets of knowledge left, right, and centre. She gives so much of herself, her time, and her ridiculously vast knowledge base in the group, it already makes it worth it.

On top of the Kate-ification you get, there are nearly WEEKLY expert sessions, which have blown my mind EVERY.SINGLE.TIME (And I’d like to think I know a thing or two).

THEN! Then. On top of all that, you’re in a group with deliciously diverse folk from all walks of life and spheres of business. You can ask just about anything in there and one of the fellow members will likely be able to help or send you in the right direction.

And all of this isn’t just SEO and copywriting stuff (although lots of that too). Its EVERYTHING you need or want to know in your business. WordPress? Tick. Social Media? Tick. Money matters? Tick. Mental health and dealing with all things business? Tick, tick tick.

Celanie Meyer

Princess and the PA

A community of supportive people from all kinds of businesses where everyone wants everyone else to succeed and they’ll go above and beyond to make it happen.

The Digital Marketing Collective has become my go-to group for problem-solving for business – whether it’s SEO, technical stuff, marketing or mindset. I’ve been through a few membership groups now and DMC ranks on the top of the list. It’s the only group I’ll ever need for all things business. It’s the business family support everyone desires.

Anuradha Sawhney


Knowing there are experts available to answer my questions makes learning so much easier.

Being part of the Digital Marketing Collective group encourages me to keep learning and apply what that knowledge teaches me.

Jody Carey

Copywriting Port Macquarie

Kate makes everything simple and do-able. My confidence is growing.

This is exactly what I needed to make my business grow. I knew very little about digital marketing and was overwhelmed by it all. This is the best. Thanks Kate

Reema Sharma

Lotion Bar Co.

If The Recipe for SEO Success is the degree – The Digital Marketing Collective is the MBA.

I knew naff all about digital marketing before stumbling across Kate and her incredible courses and resources. Now I can talk knowledgeably to developers and business owners about where copy fits into the big picture and how to tweak things in a joined-up way, rather than a, “let’s try this and see if it works” type way … They say knowledge is power don’t they – it may not be power but it’s certainly lucrative – go for it.

Gary Cooper

Word Surgery

The group is filled with lots of helpful business lovers, and as always, Kate gives her knowledge and advice generously.

It’s been just a few short weeks since I joined the Digital Marketing Collective and I’m so glad I did. I’ve already learnt so many new things and been able to quickly fix a problem that was bugging me on my site.

Johanna Kohler

Compelling Copy

I can confidently recommend Kate as one of the most exceptional online teachers I’ve ever encountered in my professional career.

Kate facilitates a supportive online learning environment and expertly breaks down highly technical and complex topics in a way that is super easy to understand and fun. She presents information in a logical order, with each new piece of information building on the last. Her online training caters to all learning styles by delivering information via video, detailed notes, relevant recourses, and practical activities.

As a student of Kate’s I’ve acquired new skills, confidently implemented my learnings, and have seen a return on my investment many times over.

Jo Violeta

Violeta Finance

Being able to ask questions and bounce ideas around is great.

Once again Kate delivers above expectations with the Digital Marketing Collective group. Kate shares up to date information and encourages accountability on implementing learnings.

Amy Wyhoon

Sugarpop Social

This group keeps me accountable and helps me make marketing a priority each week.

I have experienced a ten-position jump in rankings since I joined just weeks ago. As a copywriter, it’s easy to focus on clients first and neglect my own marketing. I highly recommend this group to anyone wanting to improve their digital and business knowledge and results. Onya Kate Toon!

Kate Merryweather

Dot Com Words

I want to keep doing good work for my clients and joining the Digital Marketing Collective was a no-brainer for me and my business.

Having completed all of Kate’s courses and producing some wonderful results for my clients I didn’t want to miss out on a group that focused on her very own digital marketing advice.

Rashida Tayabali

Rashida Tayabali

Kate Toon is a world-class expert in the digital marketing arena.

In an industry where there are so many wannabes and “me-toos” Kate sits in a class of her own, really knows her stuff and has an innate gift of being able to take the complex and lofty and make it simple and achievable.
She leads by example in how to harness your uniqueness and forge your own path to grow a profitable business and is open and generous with her knowledge because she genuinely wants to see her community succeed too.
Her refreshingly honest approach to everything she touches will warm your heart and demystify many aspects of digital marketing as she dares to go where many marketers fear to tread –all with the intention of helping her community get comfortable in their own skin, and build thriving businesses.
She will change the way you think about, talk about, and “do” SEO, copywriting and digital marketing – and what’s more, you’ll have a ton of fun while you’re at it.

Nina Christian


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Kate Toon.

The knowledge and resources I get from being a member of both The Clever Copywriting Community and the Digital Marketing Collective have been so valuable to my business.

But it’s more than just Kate’s knowledge and her incredible ability to distill complex processes into amazing templates.

Kate is great at bringing together awesome communities of humans. She’s a good person and so she attracts good people who want to learn and who want to share their knowledge with others.

Digital Marketing Collective is full of super smart humans doing amazing things. But they’re also good people. I’ve never once felt judged or inadequate, just inspired to achieve more.

Angela Pickett

Angela Pickett Copywriter

The DMC community is such an amazing gaggle of super rad humans who genuinely want to see their peers succeed.

I have never asked a question and had it left sitting amongst the crickets. Someone always jumps in or tags someone who they think could help. We can also share the shitty days, because being in business is not always sunshine and lollypops. This amazing community is all possible because of Kate. She is funny, warm, but real and not afraid to call out your BS and smack your bottom if needed. (And she doesn’t call anyone Hunni or babe ffs). I believe like attracts like so that’s what we have in DMC.

Stephanie Holdsworth


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