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Want to
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So, you want to
write converting
copy for your business?

Learn how with the
Digital Marketing Collective

I get it, you’d love to promote your business with engaging, customer-winning copy, but you’re not sure where to start.

You’re worried you’ll get it wrong, unclear on your brand voice and have no idea what keeps customers coming back for more.






We’ll teach you some juicy copywriting secrets, including:

    • How to strengthen your brand voice
    • How to create effective sales pages
    • How to work less and earn more with VIP days
    • What works on your website, and what doesn’t

We’ll even have a session with Australia’s favourite copywriter, Kate Toon, reviewing real business owners’ websites!

And so much more!



Kate Toon


Justin Blackman

Brand Voice

Angela Pickett


Cathy Camera

The Construction

Sarah Walkerden

Founder 0f
The Rural Copywriter

Bethany G. Rogers

Writer &
Content Strategist

Caitlin Bell



We’ll be sharing the following presentations in the Copywriting Boost

Justin Blackman: How to strengthen your brand voice

In this Masterclass, Justin will cover:

  • The 3 Elements of Voice and how to dial them in like a guy who dials things in professionally
  • 9 Voice types you can emulate without much effort (so you can sound perfect)
  • Free tools to measure and scale your voice (so you can work with copywriters without wanting to light your laptop on fire)
  • Brand Voice vs. Brand Personality: Why you’re likely mixing up the two and it’s driving you batty

About Justin:

Justin Blackman is a copywriter-turned-brand-voice-expert. He’s written for more than 429 entrepreneurs and dozens of businesses, including many you’ve actually heard of. He has created brand voice guides for very impressive people including: Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Todd Herman, and Danny Iny… and worked with top brands such as Red Bull, IHG Hotels, and 5-hour Energy. He is not left-handed.

Angela Pickett: Create effective sales pages without the sleaze

In this Masterclass, Angela will cover:

  • What a sales page is (and what it isn’t)
  • Who needs a sales page? Not just coaches and courses.
  • Key elements of a sales page
  • Differences between a standard website page and a sales page
  • Benefits of a sales page over a standard website page
  • Examples of how services and ecommerce can use sales pages

 About Angela:
Angela Pickett is an experienced and approachable sales page and website copywriter. Using her stellar communication and organisational skills she transforms ideas into logical arguments to create high-quality, straight-talking sales page and website content.

Kate Toon: Copy Review

In this session, Kate will be reviewing 4 different websites (submitted by DMC members) to share examples of what makes a well-written, user-friendly website, and what tweaks can help you get there.

About Kate:
Kate Toon is an award-winning entrepreneur author, speaker, educator, podcaster, and parent to one human and one fur baby. From her humble backyard shed she masterminds an ambitious business universe, helping thousands of other humans to build their own version of success through digital marketing business know-how.

Cathy Camera: How to work less and earn more with VIP days

In this Masterclass, Cathy will cover:

  • What is a VIP day? Other names for it
  • Traditional model vs. my own model
  • Who does a VIP day suit?
  • Ideas for how it can be used across different service-based businesses
  • How to get started with VIP days
  • How to charge for VIP days
  • How to avoid VIP disasters (terms and conditions)

About Cathy:

Cathy Camera aka The Construction Copywriter, produces quick, specialised copy to help businesses in the construction industry grow and position themselves as experts and thought leaders. She specialises in writing SEO web copy, capability statements and case studies. Cathy also offers VIP copywriting packages that help deliver copy more seamlessly.

Sarah Walkerden, Bethany Rogers, Caitlin Bell: A copywriting panel

In this session, our three copywriting experts will answer your questions and share the secrets to their success.

About Bethany Rogers:

Bethany G. Rogers is a freelance copywriter, storyteller and communications specialist based in Queenstown, New Zealand. She’s part of the Big on Writing content writing team. Specialising in SEO writing and content strategy, Bethany works primarily with corporate marketing teams in competitive industries like finance, insurance and medical. She wasn’t always this exciting. In another life, she managed and edited culture and music magazines, and she still moonlights as an author of dark fantasy and horror stories. When she’s not writing, she runs through the mountains and swims through the glacial lakes of the magical Southern Lakes region.


About Caitlin Bell:

Caitlin is a psychologist turned brand voice copywriter for personal brands and creatives. Combining her psychology background with writing, she helps you find and document your brand’s voice, making it easy to outsource writing while keeping it sounding like you, without the 1000s of edits. When not adding the latest Who Gives a Crap advert to her copy inspo file, you’ll find her sitting on a Queensland beach, or getting bossed around by her mini schnauzer, Heidi.


About Sarah Walkerden:

Sarah Walkerden, The Rural Copywriter, is a multi-award-winning copywriter (and best-selling author) with 20 years’ experience. She helps rural and regional businesses win scores of adoring customers and boost their Google rankings.

Her ‘no fluff, no bulldust’ approach creates straight-shooting SEO Website Copy that cultivates real results, helping ‘agri’ and other rural businesses to flourish.

In addition to copywriting, Sarah is also Co-Founder of The Rural Publishing Company and The Rural Marketing Company, with husband Toby. Together, with their two kids, they run their thriving businesses from their rural property in regional Victoria.


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  • All sessions
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AU $197 including GST

NOTE: Copywriting Boost is free for members of the Digital Marketing Collective Membership. Why? Because I love rewarding my loyal customers.