We know that Artificial intelligence is coming and while it’s exciting, it’s also a little terrifying and overwhelming.

The goal of this summit is to put your mind at rest when it comes to AI and give you the confidence to work AI into your business.



I know you have questions, so do I, and in this summit we give you the answers:

  • How to embrace AI and sound human
  • Using AI in your business to save time and money
  • Ways to win clients from the robots
  • The best, most affordable AI apps

And so much more!


Your AI Toolbox: 10 Game-changing Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

With Tracy Sheen

Tracy will take us through a curated selection of lesser-known but absolutely amazing AI tools. From cutting-edge automation platforms to powerful content creators, you’ll discover the hidden gems with the potential to revolutionise your workflows, supercharge productivity and unlock new possibilities for your businesses.
You’re guaranteed to find your new fave app, that you can start using in your business straight away.

1. Discover hidden Ai gems you’ve never heard of
2. Boost your productivity
3. Update or overhaul workflows
4 Create new opportunities in your business
5. Implement immediately, no more wasting time figuring out platforms worthy of your time

Join the ChatGPT Revolution: simplify your work and life admin

With Donna McGeorge

The future of AI has arrived, and it’s here to help you free up time for what really matters. But only if you know how to use it effectively! In this session, bestselling author Donna McGeorge shows how ChatGPT is much more than a cool new tech tool: it’s a multi-purpose, lightning-fast virtual assistant that can help you organise your everyday work and life.

1. Understand what ChatGPT is capable of
2. Write smart, specific prompts and queries to get the results you need
3. Build on existing examples to create new use-cases of your own
4. Revitalise your workflows and overcome procrastination and creative blocks
5. Organise and summarise data and information to create reports, schedules and more

Powering Better Content Everywhere with AI

With Dante St James

In this multimedia look into the world of AI with Dante St James, you will create better content of all types by using a range of new tools that increase both the frequency and quality of your content.

By using smarter prompt-engineering and using more creative tools, you will learn how to:

1. Avoid stock images and generate your own custom images
2. Use common creative AI tools to produce content faster than ever
3. Create scripts for podcasts and videos in minutes
4. Repurpose your existing content into other platforms and formats
5. Finally get past your fear of video by going ’faceless’.

How to Use AI to Save Time and Write Better Copy

With Tim King

Explore the intersection of AI and content creation with Tim King. Learn how modern tools can streamline your writing process and enhance copy quality. This session is a must-attend for anyone looking to leverage AI for more effective content.

You’ll learn:

1. How to gain an understanding of generative AI tools
2. Why copywriters shouldn’t fear AI
3. About the concepts of Augmented Intelligence
4. Practical applications of AI for copywriting
5. How to embrace AI for fun and profit.


With Kate Toon

Search engines have relied on artificial intelligence and machine learning for a long time. It’s how they serve up answers to queries across desktop, mobile and voice searches.

Any time we talk about the algorithms that rule search we’re talking about changes in the search engines AI.

So how can we use AI to do better SEO faster, at scale and in real-time?

Kate will show you how to use AI to give yourself SEO superpowers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Research competitors
  • Conduct keyword research and group keywords by intent
  • Create content topic clusters (hubs and spokes)
  • Write title tags and meta descriptions, H1s, and FAQ 4
  • Determine the best content type
  • Rewrite product descriptions
  • Generate unique images for your site with alt tags
  • Create XML sitemaps, navigation structures and linking structures and write structured data


Kate Toon

Tracy Sheen

Dante St James

Donna McGeorge

Tim King

Leanne Shelton


Kate Toon is an award-winning business mentor and digital marketing coach. She’s a down-to-earth human on a mission to demystify the realities of running a successful online business. Her Stay Tooned group of companies include the Digital Marketing Collective, The Clever Copywriting School, and The Recipe for SEO Success.
Kate’s helped more than 20,000 other businesses demystify digital marketing, grapple the Google Beast, and find their own version of success. Kate is a renowned speaker, podcaster and author, and was named Australia’s Most Influential Small Business Woman (2022), one of Australia’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders (2022), and Businesswoman of the Year and Training & Education Provider of the Year at the national My Business Awards (2020). She’s the author of Six Figures in School Hours: How to run a successful business and still be a good parent (2023), and a resident expert on Kochie’s Business Builders. She’s also the founder of The Digital Marketing Collective Conference, The Digital Marketing Collective Retreat and The Digital Marketing Collective Mastermind. On top of this, Kate hosts three podcasts, speaks at events around the world and is learning to rollerskate. All this from the Toon Cave in her backyard, accompanied by her very own CFO (Chief Furry OfficeDog) Pomplemousse and assisted remotely by a small team of talented humans.

Tracy Sheen, known as ’The Digital Guide‘, is a highly accomplished author and speaker in technology, small business, and marketing. She won the prestigious Australian Business Book of the Year Awards 2021 and Best Technology Book for her book “The End of Technophobia.” As one of 23 ’Entrepreneurship Facilitators‘ appointed by the Australian Federal Government, she has worked to upskill small business communities with a focus on regional and rural areas. Tracy has facilitated thousands of workshops and webinars on various digital topics and is a sought-after speaker for small business audiences across Australia. Her expertise and impact in the field have also earned her recognition as a judge for esteemed industry awards, including The Australian Web Awards and the Australian Business Book Awards.

From his base in Darwin, Dante runs a digital skills training business, Clickstarter, and public speaking training business, Speakstarter.

A lecturer at Charles Darwin University in Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing as well as an Expert-in-Residence at Darwin Innovation Hub, Dante presents across Australia to over 20,000 people a year .

Donna McGeorge is passionate about enhancing the large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

Donna believes that workplaces are complex, but not hard. More often than not, it’s getting the simple things right consistently, that has the greatest impact.

She also knows that when we decide to be intentional, we can surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.

A global authority on productivity, she has a range of sessions, books, products and services to help you take back time and spend it wisely.

Meet Tim King, the sassy, sarcastic, and sometimes sweary wordsmith who sets hearts (and possibly loins) ablaze with his B2C copy. Former corporate comms warrior turned freelance copywriter, bearded adventurer, and host of The Write Shift podcast, he’s your ticket to standout copy and content.

Based in Sydney’s Hills District, Leanne Shelton is a bubbly Human SEO Copywriter and ChatGPT Trainer.
With over 20 years’ writing experience, she founded Write Time Marketing in 2014 – and offers both SEO copywriting and content marketing training.
Leanne is a sought-after speaker, Education Partner with Sydney Hills Business Chamber, and a podcast, Meet Up, and trivia host.


Session 1
Intro with Kate
Session 3
Tracy Sheen: 10 Game-changing Tools You Didn’t Know Existed
Session 4
Tim King: How to Use AI to Save Time and Write Better Copy
Session 5
Donna McGeorge: Join the ChatGPT Revolution: simplify your work and life admin
Session 6
Kate Toon: Grappling the AI Google beast for better SEO
Session 7
Dante St James: Powering Better Content Everywhere With AI
Session 8
AI In-real-life with Leanne Shelton

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  • All sessions
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