If you’re looking for a shiny-toothed, glossy-haired marketing guru promising you magical marketing solutions, you’re in the wrong place.

I’m a real-life human, doing my best to help other humans on their merry way to business success. I’m all about substance over style. And keeping it real and relatable.

I’m a misfit. A motivator. An entrepreneur. An educator.

I wear many hats –  and sometimes roller skates – in my Stay Tooned business, and I’ve built a business empire (more of a cul de sac) over years of hard work, trial and error, learning, and doing the do.

Learn from my business highs, and my woes, and join me for some fun along the way.






What I do

Help you grapple the Google Beast

I help businesses big and small get to grips with the Google Beast, drive more traffic to their websites and convert more customers.

Help you be a better copywriter

I help copywriters just like you get organised and build the confidence to win more clients and truly embrace the freelance copywriter lifestyle.

The Digital Marketing Collective Membership

Encourage misfit entrepreneurism

I’ve built a highly successful business without a business plan, rich investors or input from smarmy sales gurus. And now I help others do that too.


Awards November 2022

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“Kate is a rock-star. She’s so funny and enthusiastic, you’re audience will be entertained for sure. But more importantly, Kate knows her stuff. Her presentations are understandable and state-of-the-art. She will tell you difficult SEO stuff in a way that is understandable. And, she makes SEO actionable, you’ll get some practical tips that will help you to work on your own site immediately.”

Marieke Van De Rakt

CEO, Yoast.com

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Kate speak to our 250 Blueprint Members at our recent conference in Sydney. Her style is well received, easy to comprehend, filled with awesome information and entertaining to listen to.

She was everything we hoped for in a speaker and would highly recommend her to other organisations. Thanks Kate!”

Dale Beaumont

Founder, Business Blueprint

“Kate Toon is the go-to SEO and copy expert. She not only knows her stuff and walks the talk, but she has a knack at distilling complex techniques into actionable items when she delivers training. If you want to improve your SEO or copy knowledge or have a speaker who can leave your audience inspired with tangible takeaways, I’d highly recommend Kate Toon.”

Louisa Dahl

Founder, Interactive Minds

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