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Hello, I'm Kate

I’m here to help you build a successful, profitable, enjoyable business. Using smart, creative, simple digital marketing tactics.

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About me

I’m a business mentor and award-winning digital marketing coach. An online entrepreneur success story. A Google Beast tamer. Straight-talking copywriting coach. And a popular educator, speaker, author and podcaster.

I’m a misfit on a mission: to help other business humans create their own version of online success.

Kate Toon

Digital Marketing Collective Membership

All that advice. All those courses. And books. And podcasts. All those white toothed, glossy haired marketing types promising you the magic juju solution to all your marketing woes. Pfft. It’s exhausting!

But there is a better way.

Rather than selling a kidney to buy another big bucks course promising the world, why not invest in ongoing support, community and education, at a price you can afford?

In my private membership group,  you’ll get amazing support for your Digital Marketing journey, with regular coaching calls, Q&A sessions, and expert training.

Six Figures in School Hours

In Six Figures in School Hours, I share practical and doable tips for parents to run a successful business, make serious money and not burn themselves to a frazzle in the process.

Six Figures in School Hours is a smart, honest business self-help book that gives you the skills, the tools and the confidence to never again need to choose between a successful business and a happy family life.


Not only am I a digital marketing and SEO educator, straight-talking copywriting coach, author and podcaster, I’m a confident, entertaining and in-demand speaker.

I’ve spoken at events around the world including Yoast Con (The Netherlands), Digital Marketing Australia, The Copywriting Club IRL (New York), Click Engage Convert, The Copywriting Conference, and countless WordCamp events, virtual conferences and meetups.

Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur

While most small business owners are networking before breakfast and hustling 24/7, I took a different approach. I built a business empire from my back garden shed, wearing pyjamas, watching Netflix and eating crisps. I may not be your stereotypical entrepreneur, but the truth is I’ve created not one, but three highly successful businesses. With no master plan, no rich investors and no input from smarmy sales gurus. I packed this book with tips, hints, stories and strategies. It’s a hilarious, honest and non-fluffy guide to being the kind of entrepreneur YOU want to be.

Awards and Recognition

Awards November 2022

The Kate Toon Show

I’m here to help you create and build a successful, profitable, enjoyable business.
Using smart, creative, simple digital marketing tactics and solid business advice.
Whether you want to learn about creating passive income streams, juggling your ‘real life’ with business life, being a misfit or mastering marketing I’m here to help.

I’m a big believer that we’re all capable of creating a wonderful life for ourselves, possibly from home in our undies, and that it’s vitally important to be ourselves while we do it. Happy listening!

Clever Copy Chats Podcast

A podcast that gets back to the sticky, awkward, gloriousness of being a day to day copywriter.
The Clever Copy Chats Podcast shares the woes, the ups, the bitty fist annoyance of a client that won’t use track changes, the tips on how to write 5,000 words in 20 minutes because you forgot the deadline, and of course, the real bottom warming stories of great clients and amazing writing that keeps us doing the do each day.

So come with me on a journey through colons and interrobangs.
Through client Zooms and last-minute amends, we’ll have some laughs and learn a thing or two along the way.

Clever Copy Chats Podcast

Recipe for SEO Success Podcast

Tune in and expand your understanding of all things Search Engine Optimisation in a fun,
entertaining way, with advice from experts you can trust.

● On the Recipe for SEO podcast, I chat with guests in the know about all things SEO.

From link building and local search, to ecommerce and engagement, nothing is off limits
when it comes to grappling the Google beast.

Feel the love

Kate is a rock-star. She’s so funny and enthusiastic, your audience will be entertained for sure. But more importantly, Kate knows her stuff.


Marieke Van De Rakt


IIt’s not every day that you hear the words “Piglet Jumper” and SEO in the same sentence, but this is exactly why Kate Toon is the SEO Guru that she is. Kate makes the scary, techy topic of SEO much less scary with humorous examples that help people understand what SEO is.


Julie Warner

President, Independent Business Network Inc.

Kate recently spoke to my mastermind members and she was voted the favourite speaker of the weekend. I chose Kate because she’s knowledgable, funny and delivers content in a way that makes sense for her audience.

Clint Salter

Founder, Studio Success Formula

From the blog

Why I’ve rebranded to The Kate Toon Show

Stepping outside of school hours Hello, lovely listeners. I want to let you know about a bit of a change. This podcast is now the Kate Toon Show. Yes, I've finally embraced having my own name in the title of my podcast. Why? Because I'm a huge, egotistical beast. No,...

Personal Branding Workbook

Learn how to build and grow your personal brand without spending a cent. Establish your brand values, outline your brand personality, find your quirk and get confident about sharing your voice online.

Productivity Cheat Sheet

Productivity Cheat Sheet

Download my Productivity Cheat Sheet to help you remember some of the tips I’ve shared in the Digital Marketing Collective group along the way. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it will get you started.

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