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I’m struggling to keep this page up to date, so here are some of my performances…

It’s hard to keep track of all the various performances of my plays so apologies if you have performed a play and I’ve missed it! Please email me at with performance details.

Check out my Facebook page for news of latest performances.


  • ‘The Sixteen things she said’, SoACt 2013 Tenx10 Play Fest June 2013
  • ”Coma Sutra’ Sydney Short and Sweet Finals March 2013



  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Sydney Short and Sweet, Feb 2012


  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Dehli Short and Sweet, December 2012.
  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Auckland Short and Sweet, September 2012.
  • ‘The Sixteen things she said’, Crash Test Drama, Sydney 2012
  • ‘Swings and round abouts’ SIH, Sydney 2012
  • ‘Sushiwushiwoo’ Short+Sweet Canberra, Aug 2012 (Nominated for Best Drama and Best overall production, Winner Best actress Caroline O’Brien.
  • ‘Tumbletots’ Frivolities at Fiveways, Aug 2012.
  • ‘Push yourself’ ,‘Crush’, Not Quite Cabaret, Paddington Sydney, June/July 2012
  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Crash Test Drama Final Aug 2012 – Winner Best Actor James Hartley.
  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Crash Test Drama, July 2012 – Winner Judges Choice.
  • ‘Coma Sutra’ Script in Hand, Sydney, May 2012.
  • ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’, Sydney Short and Sweet, Jan 2012.
  • ‘The Badger Game’ First reading of full-length version, Uniting Productions Gosford.




  • Sock’, a ten-minute play, Reading Crash Test, November 2010.
  • Sock’ Winner ‘Best Play’, Crash Test Drama, Sydney. (Also came 3rd in Peoples choice and won Best Actress Runner up for Kim Parrish).
  • ‘Sushiwushiwoo’ as part of ‘The Four Faces of Love’ Slide Bar, Darlinghurst, Sydney, September.
  • ‘Soup and Sparrows‘, a ten-minute play, Reading, Best of Writers Anonymous, Imagine Festival, 9 October 2010.
  • ‘Push yourself’ , a ten-minute play, Reading, Best of Playtime Imagine Festival, 9 October 2010.
  • ‘Tumbletots’ , a ten-minute play, Reading, PLAYTIME , 20 October 2010.
  • ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ Crash Test Drama Final, September 2010.




  • ‘Bomb Disposal’ a ten-minute play, Melbourne Short & Sweet Festival, Dec 2007
  • ‘The Fallen’ a one act play, Finalist, AA Journey into Sin, Sydney, 2007
  • ‘Missing so Much’ a ten-minute play, Sydney Short & Sweet Festival Feb 2007


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